The 99th Divorce Chapter 177

Chapter 177: Why Didnt You Say Im Heavy When I Was On Top Of You
Chapter 177: Why Didnt You Say Im Heavy When I Was On Top Of You
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Sheng Ximing stared at Aduo and asked, "You told her?"

Aduo's look became evasive, shoving the beers and juices to Sheng Ximing and running away. Amused, Sheng Ximing could not help feeling nervous. He glanced at Su Qianci and found she was also looking at him. She looked curious. Su Qianci was so much like the woman he had remembered

However, he could not go back Smiling at Su Qianci, Sheng Ximing walked over, pretending that he was not hiding anything. Putting the drinks down, he then added some food into the grill.

"Uncle Sheng Ximing?" Sheng Ximing looked up at Su Qianci.

"My mother's name is Su Han."

Su Qianci felt what she was saying must be something cruel to Sheng Ximing. However, she knew clearly how disappointed Sheng Ximing would be after finding out about her parents. She would rather let him down at this point than leaving it for him to find out. In her previous lifetime, she too, almost thought that she was his daughter However, everything ended up proving that she was still the illegitimate daughter of the Su family, the daughter of Su Han who had disappeared for many years.

As a smart guy, Sheng Ximing immediately understood what she meant. However, he still pretended that he didn't hear her and changed the subject. "You two look good to me. Why do you want to divorce him?"

Su Qianci pursed her lips, not wanting to share her secrets with anyone yet. Looking down, Su Qianci kept working on the barbecue.

"He's nice to you. If you don't hate him, it would be great to continue the marriage." Sheng Ximing started the fire and said, "It is rare that a successful man like him is this clean."

Clean? Su Qianci was dazed. He said Li Sicheng was clean? In which aspect? Before Su Qianci could ask, she felt some pressure on her shoulder. Turning her head, she saw a handsome face leaning against her shoulder.

Li Sicheng took her small waist into his arms and asked in a deep voice, "What are you talking about?"

Su Qianci blushed and shook her shoulder. "Stop. You're heavy!"

"Heavy?" Li Sicheng put his chin against her shoulder and breathed into her ear. Su Qianci felt her face was burning and her body tingling.

"You didn't say that when I was on top of you." Li Sicheng whispered, his voice so low that it was almost indiscernible. With the hot breath, Su Qianci suddenly shuddered and felt her body melting. Li Sicheng would say something like this?

So Vulgar.

This was so different from the Li Sicheng she had in mind. Maybe this is who he really was. When he was on top of her

Su Qianci looked aside and saw Li Sicheng's serious face, and decided not to say what she was about to tell him. Although he said that, he looked so cold and calm that it felt like he had said nothing.