The 99th Divorce Chapter 180

Chapter 180: Song Yifan Was Her Father?
Chapter 180: Song Yifan was her father?
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"No worries. My friend was two years older than I. Also, she is gone." Song Yifan looked upset.

"Rong Xuan?" Su Qianci guessed. In her previous lifetime, Sheng Ximing had mentioned this name a lot in front of her. However, he called her Xuan. This woman, if she had guessed correctly, would not only be Sheng Ximing's first love, but also the ex-girlfriend of Song Yifan. The relationship between the three of them was complex However, Su Qianci knew that the two men had once fought because of Rong Xuan who had passed away.

Song Yifan was dazed and asked, "How did you know?" Then, he looked at Sheng Ximing.

Hearing that name from Su Qianci, Sheng Ximing was also shocked. Su Qianci saw their faces and knew she was right. She cleared her throat and said, "Uncle Sheng had mentioned this name once, and I took notice of it."

"Did I?" Sheng Ximing was puzzled.

This name was terrible to him and Song Yifan alike. There should be no reason that he would tell Su Qianci. However, it was impossible that she had learned this from somewhere else.

"Yes, you did." Feeling a bit guilty, Su Qianci quickly changed the subject. "I really want to see how much I look like her. Uncle Sheng Ximing said I looked like her when we first met"

Su Qianci chuckled reluctantly. Li Sicheng could not watch him anymore and pulled her to the side, whispering, "Did I ever tell you that you're not a good liar?"

Mortified, Su Qianci blushed and said, "I I did not lie!" She didn't. She really heard that from Sheng Ximing, just not in this lifetime.

Fortunately, neither Sheng Ximing nor Song Yifan minded it. Song Yifan smiled, took his wallet out of his pocket, opened it, and revealed an old photo. Although it seemed old, the photo was well protected and clear. A man and a woman were in the picture. The man looked gentle, handsome and tall. The woman was smiling happily in a yellow maxi dress and a yellow hat, holding the man's arm and looking into distance. The face under the hat bore a great resemblance to Su Qianci.

At first glance, Su Qianci thought she had seen herself. Staring with her eyes wide, she then found some differences in their features. Rong Xuan's nose was more straight, while Su Qianci's was more dedicate. Rong Xuan's lips were thicker than hers, and thus sexier. Su Qianci's lips were a bit thinner. Touching her lips, Su Qianci looked up at Song Yifan. Song Yifan was gazing at her as well, with softness and affection in his eyes.

"This is Rong Xuan. The picture is from twenty-two years ago. At that time, I was about to marry her. After this photo was taken, she was gone." Song Yifan looked at Su Qianci and said sadly, "Two years later, in the Shiwan Mountain, her body was found."

Twenty-two years ago Su Qianci's heart raced. She was about twenty-one years old. With that face that looked so much like her Maybe Song Yifan was her father?