The 99th Divorce Chapter 181

Chapter 181: All You Need To Know Is That You Have A Good Husband
Chapter 181: All You Need to Know Is That You Have a Good Husband
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However, that was impossible Her mother was Su Han. Su Han was sold to a family in the Shiwan Mountain and then gave birth to her. Although Su Qianci did not want to acknowledge it, her biological father was likely to be an evil villager who could not find any woman who would marry him, and then had to pay for a wife. Was it possible that her father was actually Song Yifan?

As Su Qianci's heart raced, Song Yifan continued, "You were sent to the orphanage three years later. At that time, the woman who left you at the orphanage was exactly Rong Xuan."

So, Rong Xuan did not die?

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, I am." Song Yifan looked at Su Qianci and said, "For the past couple of days, I have found out that you were that child. However"

However, he was not sure whether she was his child. The chance was so small

"You suspect that she is your daughter?" Li Sicheng asked on his behalf.

Song Yifan became silent, and so did Sheng Ximing. Instead of suspecting, he was hoping. He hoped that Su Qianci was Rong Xuan and his child. Or rather, he hoped there was something left between him and Rong Xuan Rong Xuan had been gone for twenty-two years. He had missed her for a long time. God knows how surprised he was when Sheng Ximing told him about Su Qianci. He couldn't wait to get a DNA test with her. However, now he did not dare to do that. He was afraid the answer would be no

"Hey!" Aduo called them from the shore, "The barbecue is ready. Come back here!"

Sheng Ximing nodded and said to everyone, "Let's go. We are all here having fun. Let's put the subject aside for a minute. Let's go."

The boat returned to the shore. Aduo and Ali were making out, while Su Qianci had a heavy heart after hearing what Song Yifan had to say. She did not eat much and then left with Li Sicheng.

When they returned to the hotel, it was past 6 PM. Sitting on the bed, Su Qianci kept thinking about what Song Yifan had said.

"Don't think too much on it. He's not your father." Li Sicheng handed her a cup of lukewarm water and said calmly.

"huh?" Su Qianci looked up. "How do you know?"

"Just a guess."

"But I feel like there is a great possibility What should I do? Rong Xuan looks so much like me. Don't you think?"

"Yes, but she is not Su Han."

"I know"

She had seen photos of Su Han. When she saw them, she felt like she did not really look like Su Han. She had thought that she looked like her father. However, now thinking back, the reason she was not welcome in the Su family might actually be because of the fact that she was not Su Han's daughter, and thus not biologically related to them. Maybe that was the reason, instead of the fact that she did not grow up in the family. Su Qianci suddenly felt there were a lot of mysteries about her parents.

Su Han, Rong Xuan, Song Yifan, Shiwan Mountain

"Don't overthink it. Whether your mom is Rong Xuan or Su Han, she left you at an orphanage when you were just a baby, which makes her a bad mother. And someone who did not protect his wife and daughter could not be called a good father."

Su Qianci heard him and nodded.

"So, you don't need parents. All you need to know is that you have a good husband."