The 99th Divorce Chapter 182

Chapter 182: Breathe Little Fool
Chapter 182: Breathe, Little Fool
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All you need to know is that you have a good husband A good husband Su Qianci felt a bit mesmerized, looking up at Li Sicheng. She once felt the word husband was never going to mean anything to her, but at this moment, her husband was right in front of her, sharing a room with her. He was still that elegant and cold guy, but no longer distant. He told her that she had a good husband. Her eyes wet, Su Qianci suddenly had a feeling of her dream coming true. It was so sudden that she could not process it.

Seeing her eyes watery, Li Sicheng lowered his voice and said, "Are you seducing me?"

Su Qianci was shocked under his blazing gaze, whispering, "I am not."

When did she ever do that? She did not do anything at all

Seeing her scared look, Li Sicheng cooled himself down, pulled her up and asked, "why are you scared of me?" Each time, he could see how scared she was of him.

In the beginning, he found it funny. However, later on, he discovered that she was not pretending, but actually afraid of him. Was he scary? Or, did he do something outrageous?

"I'm not" Su Qianci denied weakly.

Seeing her evasive look, Li Sicheng looked away and said coldly, "I don't want my wife to have a heart attack before she gets old."

Confused, Su Qianci gazed at him.

"So, don't be afraid of me."

Su Qianci blushed and couldn't help feeling blissful. She nodded. It was the first time that Li Sicheng had seen her so bashful. How delicious.

Holding the back of her head, Li Sicheng leaned in and pecked her lips gently. Su Qianci's heart raced as her body became limp. Soon, she fell to the bed with him. She gently put her hand on his waist. Closing her eyes, Su Qianci was so nervous that she was shaking.

Noticing her reaction, Li Sicheng changed his pecking into a deep kiss. He was taking and taking with his kiss. Pushing his tongue into her mouth, he caught her soft and scared tongue, sucked on it, and held her tighter. However, he quickly released her and panted. "Breathe, little fool."

Su Qianci was just out of breath. Hearing his words, she felt relieved and inhaled. Her cheeks pink, Su Qianci looked at Li Sicheng with her glistening eyes. Her fair skin looked even better against her long, silky dark hair.

So tempting

Li Sicheng felt a fire was lit in his body. As he looked at her, the flames were more and more consuming. He took her lips again, but this time, a kiss could no longer satisfy him. Li Sicheng kissed down her neck, collarbone, and then her breasts

Chapter - Having Two Children Are Allowed Now

Noticing him lifting her skirt, Su Qianci immediately became alert, holding his hand down. Li Sicheng paused, looked up, and looked at her with his breath accelerating. His lips were wet, looking alluring. He slightly licked his lips, which drove Su Qianci to clench her legs.

However, that move brought her closer to his lower body. With an even bigger bulge, Li Sicheng looked like he was about to lose control.

Su Qianci's face burned as she said in a low voice, "Mr. Lincoln, don't run the red light"

Run the red light? Li Sicheng was dazed, but soon realized what she meant.

He pursed his lips, which made his face stern. Gritting his teeth, he grumbled, "Why do women have to have periods?"

"Without periods, women wouldn't be able to have children"

Hearing that, Li Sicheng's look was softened as he looked down at her. "All right, for our babies"

Our babies

Su Qianci saw that the child she had lost before she knew it was there and felt a bit upset.

Li Sicheng caught a glimpse of her expression and continued, "I want two children, one girl, one boy"

"There is the national policy of family-planning"

"Now having two children is allowed."


They had not had sex in a long while. He was planning ahead so early! And she was still in school. She did not want to quit school like in her previous lifetime. It did not feel good.

"I feel awful." Li Sicheng drew Su Qianci's hand to his erection.

Feeling the heat, Su Qianci turned her head around quickly and closed her eyes. "Go have a shower When I'm ready, we" Geez, did she send him an invitation? Would he feel she was slutty? However, Su Qianci wanted him to give it up, but her hand was caught again. Her fingers were squeezed together, pinching a small metal object. With a click, Su Qianci heard his belt unbuckle. Startled, Su Qianci opened her eyes and saw him using her hands to unzip himself. "You"

"Help me, sweetheart"

What he called her hit Su Qianci's soft spot. With his pants off, Su Qianci saw that impressive bulge under his dark underwear Su Qianci quickly closed her eyes again, not daring to look at it. Scary She wondered how it was possible for that thing to enter her body.

Li Sicheng held her hand down, whispering in a tempting tone, "Open your eyes."

Su Qianci shook her head again and again. The heat in her hand made her heart race. She wanted to take her hand back, but it was impossible with his tight grip.