The 99th Divorce Chapter 184

Chapter 184: Eat For More Energy
Chapter 184: Eat for More Energy
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Su Qianci blushed even more, bowed her head, put the knife away, and secretly pinched Li Sicheng's thigh with her other hand under the table. Li Sicheng did not move a muscle, as if he did not feel it at all, quietly asking the waitress to get Su Qianci another knife.

"Why is Qianqian's hand sore?" Grandpa was confused.

"In the afternoon"

"Food first!" Su Qianci grabbed a piece of bread and stuffed it into Li Sicheng's mouth. She couldn't look more guilty.

Been there, done that, Captain Li immediately knew what his grandson had done. Glancing at the young couple, the old man chuckled. For some reason, Su Qianci felt her head hurt. What did grandpa mean? Was he able to tell what was going on? How embarrassing

Li Sicheng took a bite from the bread in his mouth and then took it down, continuing, "In the afternoon, we went to barbecue. That's why her hand is sore."

Captain Li looked as if he suddenly understood and said to Su Qianci, "It was just barbecue. Why are you so shy? Did anything happen during the barbecue?"

Well Not during, but after Su Qianci looked down and cut her steak silently. However, her right hand was still tired and could only cut slowly.

Li Sicheng switched his already cut steak with hers and said in a low voice, "Eat to get more energy. We will continue later."

Su Qianci's hand shook and almost lost the fork as well. Facing the curious look from grandpa, she kicked Li Sicheng under the table. Continue my ass!

You were enjoying, but it was pure labor for me

Li Sicheng still looked calm, glanced at his grandpa, who was keen on being kept informed, and said, "Don't interfere in young people's life. Are you full?"

"Nope!" Captain Li grumbled, "I could figure it out without you telling me anyway."

After dinner, Su Qianci did not dare to speak again.

Grandpa wanted to go fishing at night, so the couple went together with the old man. After more than half an hour, grandpa got tired. After sending grandpa back to his room, as Li Sicheng took the key out of his pocket, Su Qianci was trying to sneak away.

"Why are you running?" The cold voice made Su Qianci freeze. "Go back to sleep. It's late." And then he added, "Just sleep."

Su Qianci blushed a little and walked back. "I was not running away, just checking the floor plan."

"I believe you." Li Sicheng said with a smile so subtle that Su Qianci did not notice it at all.

Hearing his answer, Su Qianci was even more embarrassed. As the door was open, Su Qianci immediately went to tidy herself up and then threw a comforter over her head. After a while, Su Qianci fell asleep. However, in her dreams, she felt her body was burning, her waist, face, breasts, and legs