The 99th Divorce Chapter 185

Chapter 185: They Feel Good And Taste Nice
Chapter 185: They Feel Good and Taste Nice
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Su Qianci opened her eyes in a haze. The room was dark, without any light. An arm was on top of her upper body, making her arm was numb. Su Qianci moved his arm away, turned around and looked at his deep-set eyes. Li Sicheng was breathing evenly, looking like he was sound asleep. Su Qianci reached out a hand and touched the tip of his nose. Then she traced her finger up to the bridge of his nose, his eyes, his eyebrows, and then his eyelashes. Li Sicheng's eyelashes were long and dark. Even there was no light, Su Qianci could still see his thick lashes. As she looked down, her finger fell on his lips.

Smooth, thin, and tender

"They feel good" Su Qianci mumbled and saw his lips were curled as she moved away her hand. Su Qianci was startled and quickly closed her eyes, pretending to be asleep. Li Sicheng opened his eyes, looking wide awake.

Seeing Su Qianci was committed to her fake sleep, he took her into his arms and whispered into her ear, "They also taste nice. Do you want to try them?"

Under the comforter, Su Qianci suddenly seized the bed linen under her body. Caught red-handed

No, I am asleep and can not hear

Receiving no response from her, Li Sicheng whispered again, "Are you asleep?" Then, he moved his body away.

Su Qianci was suddenly relaxed. However, the pressure was immediately placed on top of her again as a kiss fell on her lips. Su Qianci suddenly opened her eyes and saw Li Sicheng lying down again silently. Su Qianci was so mortified that she moved inches away from him, wanting to stay away. However, Li Sicheng held her closer to his body.

"You should move less in your sleep." Li Sicheng said and moved his hand down from her shoulder to her waist.

Su Qianci then suddenly realized why she had dreamed of her body burning. Su Qianci curled her lips and mumbled, "I wonder who should move less"

"I could move even more." Hearing Li Sicheng's answer, Su Qianci immediately stopped her attempt to move farther from him, closed her eyes, and stayed still. Su Qianci was always a sound sleeper, so she quickly fell asleep, not noticing that the man next to her was kept awake by lust until early morning. As soon as she woke up, she got a call from Kingstown.

It was Lu Yihan. Seeing Li Sicheng was still asleep, Su Qianci walked into the bathroom quietly and answered the call, "hello."

"Qianqian, when will you be back?"

"What date is today?"

"The sixth."

"Oh, then it'd be tomorrow. What is it?"

"Breaking news. Lin Wanting will get married the day after tomorrow, did you know that?"

"The eighth, right? Yes, I knew."

"I got her invitation. Do you want to go?"

"Why should I?"

"Yu Lili said she would go and asked me to tell you to join us."

"Well, I will not." If she had not reacted fast enough, the prey of Ding Haibo would be herself instead. Why would she even dignify Lin Wanting with her appearance? She knew very well the value behind the title Mrs. Li.

"Got it. And there's something else. It's about your husband."

Su Qianci felt the news could not be good and immediately asked, "What is it?"