The 99th Divorce Chapter 186

Chapter 186: Are You Sure Youre Just Good Friends
Chapter 186: Are You Sure Youre Just Good Friends
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"Hmmm... It's that" Lu Yihan stuttered, sounding embarrassed. Lu Yihan was rarely like that. Maybe he found out some dark secrets about Li Sicheng?

Feeling uneasy, Su Qianci urged, "Say it."

"I heard your husband is throwing a party and lots of moguls would be invited, so I want"

Hearing that, Su Qianci felt relieved. "It's just that?" Such a trivial matter

"Yep" It was crucial to Lu Yihan and his business. If he could get invited, even just as a guest, it would be great for publicity. In addition, he planned to solicit some investments and make some friends at the event. Although Lu Yihan was in the IT business, he was great at networking. Maybe he would be able to find new investors through the event.

"Got it. I will send an invitation to you." Su Qianci chuckled. "Did you know that this party is actually for me to meet the public? Grand He planned it for me"

Lu Yihan inhaled deeply and said, "what? It is just for you to meet the public?"

Su Qianci blinked and asked, "Will it be a big event?"

"Absolutely. Every big name in the industry was invited, and there are celebrities from other fields as well, like Luo Zhan from the IT industry, Ou Ming from C Town, and"

Su Qianci had no idea of that. Thinking of what had happened yesterday, she asked, "If he could get Song Yifan's team to play at the event, would it be even better?"

"Song Yifan? Oh my god!" Lu Yihan exclaimed. "It took more than money to hire them. Your husband is super impressive."

"He is okay"Although she said that, Su Qianci couldn't help smiling. Looking into the mirror, she saw the girl in white slip dress looking triumphant and happy! Su Qianci was dazed and quickly pursed her lips. However, she still felt on top of the world.

"Well" Feeling frustrated, Lu Yihan said, "I'll definitely be there and announce to the world that Mrs. Li is my best friend!"

"Okay, you do that!" Su Qianci smiled and said, "I have to go now."


After Su Qianci got dressed, it was almost 9 AM.

Sitting on the bed, Li Sicheng had a cigarette between his fingers, the ashes hanging down.

Su Qianci quickly put an ashtray under his hand and waved her fingers in front of his eyes. "What's wrong?"

Li Sicheng looked up, his eyes sharp. "Who were you speaking to?"

Getting this look abruptly, Su Qianci immediately knew that Li Sicheng was jealous and explained, "It was Lu Yihan."

So honest? Li Sicheng felt puzzled, looking at her.

"You must know that he and I developed a music software together. He wants to come to the party on the fifteenth. Could he?"

"You want him to come?"

"He's a good friend of mine, so of course I want him to come."

"Are you sure you're just good friends?"