The 99th Divorce Chapter 187

Chapter 187: Never Quite There
Chapter 187: Never Quite There
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"Are you sure you're just good friends?"

That sounded odd. Su Qianci leaned over and approached him, throwing her arms around his shoulders, asking, "What do you think he is to me?"

Li Sicheng looked at Su Qianci. He still remembered that photo of Su Qianci and Lu Yihan. When she lost the baby, he deliberately made Lu Yihan spent some time alone with her. Although it felt terrible, he was trying to make her happy Hearing her question, Li Sicheng did not speak, but took a puff from the cigarette and then exhaled.

"I never had a lot of friends growing up." Hearing Su Qianci's statement, Li Sicheng nodded. He knew. Judging from her intelligence and people skills back in the days, it would be illogical if she had any friends. "I used to think Liu Anan was a good friend, but then she betrayed me completely. And I used to think that Lin Wanting was a friend, but then I found out how silly I was."

Silly indeed, those two are shitty people at first glance, Li Sicheng thought.

"Lu Yihan was the exception. He was my classmate in junior high and high school. We were desk mates for years and he had always been good to me."

Li Sicheng's eyes became cold.

Su Qianci's heart raced as she said nervously, "However, we are just good friends and never quite there"

"Never quite there?"

But she and Lu Yihan shared such a unique bond.

"If you mind it, I will try to stay away from him." Su Qianci felt wronged and looked at Li Sicheng carefully. "I will try not to contact him except for business. How about that?"

Li Sicheng put out the cigarette and gazed at Su Qianci. "You and he were never quite there How about you and me?"

"Hmmm" Su Qianci looked at Li Sicheng's face, pretended to hesitate, and then giggled, "you and I, are husband and wife."

Li Sicheng smiled, put his hands on her waist and made her sit on his lap. "Kiss me."

Su Qianci hesitated, and then pecked on his lips.

"That's it?"


"Now that's not a real kiss."

Su Qianci blushed, recalled the way he kissed her, slowly approached him and gently put his bottom lip between hers. His lips were thin and smooth They really tasted nice. Su Qianci mimicked his moves carefully.

However, that drove Li Sicheng crazy. Holding her face with both hands, he deepened the kiss so ruthlessly that Su Qianci was unable to breathe.

For once, Su Qianci did not struggle at all. Putting her arms around his neck, she responded with passion. Her unskilled moves ignited his desire.When he was about to lose control, Li Sicheng suddenly stopped.

Breathing heavily, Su Qianci looked at him with pink cheeks and hazy eyes.

Li Sicheng kissed her on the corner of her mouth and said, "I'll take you to have some fun later."


"Yes, although not as fun as this."

Su Qianci blushed and pushed him away. "Go clean up!"