The 99th Divorce Chapter 188

Chapter 188: Dont Be Afraid Because Im Here
Chapter 188: Dont be afraid because Im here
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The activity Li Sicheng was referring to was indeed great fun. Her ponytail flowing in the wind, Su Qianci looked down. Standing next to the cabin door, Su Qianci felt her whole body was shaking. However, the excitement was enchanting. "Will we fall and die?"

Li Sicheng curled his lips and said calmly, "You will not. I will make sure I land on the bottom."

A staff member asked, "Are you ready?"


"Brave girl. Protect the good lady, sir!"

Li Sicheng saw Su Qianci's excited and nervous look, felt his heart was melting, and nodded.

"I'm so scared This is so thrilling, Mr. Li!"

"What did you call me?"

"DarlingAhhhh!" Screaming on top of her lungs, Su Qianci did not even dare to open her eyes. The falling was so horrifying that she was shaking.

With a tug from the parachute, they were falling at a lower speed. Grabbing her arm with one hand, Li Sicheng whispered in his charming voice, "Don't be afraid, because I'm here."

His voice carried magic that calmed her down. Su Qianci stopped trembling and opened her eyes, seeing the man next to her against the light at first glance. He was as expressionless as always, as if he was not hanging on a rope. Su Qianci felt slightly shy, having no idea what an impact her look had on the man. Sunshine colored her beautiful face golden. Li Sicheng wished this moment could last ten thousand years.

Under his gaze, Su Qianci bashfully looked away and immediately claimed, "it's so pretty! Look!"

Li Sicheng looked at the landscape with a subtle smile. The mountains rolled up and down, at the end of which lay the incredibly blue ocean. Seagulls were flying underneath them. A piece of cloud came over, blocking their sight, making what they saw all the more mysterious. No words could be used to describe what they saw.

Li Sicheng answered, "Very pretty." However, none of this was even comparable to her smile.

Su Qianci did not hear Li Sicheng, intoxicated by the scenery. It was the first time that she had seen a view like this in her two lifetimes combined. But most unexpectedly, the person next to her was Li Sicheng. In the past, Su Qianci could not even imagine this in her wildest dream, but now it had come true

"Sweetheart," he called her with his mature voice.

Su Qianci thought that sounded familiar, and only realized he was calling her two seconds later. As she looked back at him, he covered her lips with his. The sensation made her open her eyes wide incredulously