The 99th Divorce Chapter 189

Chapter 189: Kissing In The Clouds
Chapter 189: Kissing in the Clouds
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Seeing a flash, Su Qianci blinked and saw a drone. Someone just took their picture Embarrassing, but how thrilling Su Qianci's heart raced as she felt herself landing. The parachute collapsed over her head.

Li Sicheng did not mean to let her go. Tempting her with another kiss, Li Sicheng slowly unbuckled the equipment he was wearing, while Su Qianci stood still, not knowing what to do.

"How romantic!" A staff member came over with an iPad in his hand.

On the iPad, Li Sicheng was kissing her, while she looked incredulous. As the staff member swiped, Su Qianci saw her face in the photos gradually burning up

Embarrassed, Su Qianci said, "How can you take"

"This is our unique feature. We take your photos during the adventure with drones, recording every memorable moment for you."

Li Sicheng helped Su Qianci get out of her equipment and asked the staff member, "Could you send the photos to me?"

"No I didn't look pretty. Just delete them," said Su Qianci as she saw her twisted face in the photos. She did not want to keep them.

However, the staff member did not seem to hear Su Qianci's protest and asked Li Sicheng, "Of course. However, they're not free. Which one do you want?"

"All of them!"

The staff member was overjoyed. The drone took at least a couple thousand photos from the moment they took flight. It would be very expensive to buy them all. He had seen rich men, but this guy did not even ask about the price before he decided to purchase everything. This was definitely a first. "Great. I need a while to print all the photos. Could you give me an address and I will deliver them to you?"

Li Sicheng nodded and wrote down the hotel name and room number.

Su Qianci pouted. Those ugly pictures of her would now live forever

Seeing her expression, Li Sicheng did not speak, but took her hand, "Let's go eat."

"Wait!" The staff member rushed over again, with two photos in his hand. Out of breath, he said, "My wife said these ones are incredible, so I just printed them out for you for free. Here!"

Su Qianci saw the photos and immediately lightened up. In the first photo, the couple were under the parachute. Her ponytail was flowing in the air, a bit messy in the wind. Her lashes looked long and lush, and he was turning his head toward her, handsome as always.

His eyes closed, he looked incredibly gentle. Was this really Li Sicheng? This was also a side of him? What was more important, it was her he was looking at.

Su Qianci felt something had just bloomed in her heart