The 99th Divorce Chapter 19

Chapter 19: You Mean I Cannot Afford It?

You mean I cannot afford it?

Su Qianci smiled and was about to say something when she suddenly saw two people walking inside together.

"What's the situation here? Is someone who can't afford the items here to cause trouble?" The female voice sounded mean. It was a man and woman who had come inside. The man was tall and handsome, and the woman was elegant and pretty.

When they walked inside, the expression of the shop assistant suddenly changed. She quickly forced a smile and called, "Miss Liu, you have come."

Su Qianci also looked their way and felt slightly surprised. If she remembered correctly, Liu Anan was the daughter of Mrs. Tang's brother, making her Tang Mengying's cousin. Liu Anan was also Su Qianci's worst enemy during high school.

Although Liu Anan was from a poor family, her family became rich after Mrs. Tang married well. They were the new money.

However, the man standing next to Liu Anan was Su Qianci's first love when she was younger. His name was Fu Lengbing, a truly handsome guy. Not only was he handsome, but he was also from a rich family.

Seeing Fu Lengbing, Su Qianci felt a bit dazed. It had literally been a lifetime apart, so she did not imagine that she would see this high school sweetheart again. However, at this point, she felt nothing for him.

She did remember that in her previous lifetime, Liu Anan was later married to a middle-aged businessman, gave birth to a son and got dozens of millions of dollars. Su Qianci never realized that these two were once together.

Hearing the words of the shop assistant, Liu Anan nodded arrogantly, looking pleased for being recognized. Then, she looked at Su Qianci and seemed surprised. "Isn't this our campus belle Su Qianci? You are here shopping as well?"

The shop assistant quickly kissed her ass and said, "So Miss Liu, you know this person?"

Liu Anan snickered and said, "How can I not know her? She was suddenly admitted to a renowned university after being a bad student in high school. That makes her famous in our school. Isn't that right, Lengbing?"

Fu Lengbing frowned and looked at Su Qianci, who seemed to be somewhat different from his impression. Su Qianci had a gorgeous face. Her nose was straight, her eyes were wide, and her hair was dark and soft. She had the simplest hairstyle, long straight black hair parted in the middle, making her face even more eye-catching.

When she was in high school, Su Qianci had been the campus belle. At the time, she was a rebel and did not have the best style. Her hair and outfits were all Gothic. Now changing her style, she was so pretty that he could hardly look away.

Hearing what Liu Anan said, the shop assistant looked knowingly and was even more impatient about Su Qianci. She waved her hand and said, "Go away. If you don't, I will call security!"

Su Qianci smirked, taking out her purse from her handbag. A black card quickly appeared in her hand as she asked, "Is this card enough?"

Seeing the black card, the shop assistant, who was about to make some remarks, became silent immediately. She grabbed Su Qianci's black card, examined it, and said, "It is real."

For such a black card, it had at least a credit line of five million dollars! Seeing her incredulous look, Su Qianci looked back at the dress that caught her eyes and said, "Let me try that dress on."

Feeling reluctant, the shop assistant still had to retrieve the dress and handed it to Su Qianci with both hands. Su Qianci took the dress and entered the fitting room.

Seeing the black card, Liu Anan looked jealous and gritted her teeth. She chuckled. "I was wondering why she was so confident. It turns out that she is a mistress. Not bad. Being a mistress is indeed a source of income."