The 99th Divorce Chapter 190

Chapter 190: He Will Only Smile When He Wants To
Chapter 190: He Will Only Smile When He Wants To
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The other photo was also taking a mid air, while from a different angle. In the photo, Su Qianci seemed to be startled, gazing at Li Sicheng. Their lips touching, Su Qianci's face was behind Li Sicheng's nose. Su Qianci felt she was on top of the world. Staring at the photo, her smile became bigger and bigger. Her cheeks pink, Su Qianci looked giddy.

"You like them?"

"Yes!" These two photos, she utterly enjoyed. There were more than two photos, but her dream had lasted two lifetimes. And now, the dream came true

Looking at the photos, Su Qianci did not notice the smile on Li Sicheng's face. He said, "If you like them, we should kiss more often."

Hearing that, Su Qianci immediately looked up and ran away from him.

Li Sicheng grinned and reached out a hand to her, "Let's go."

However, Su Qianci was mesmerized by Li Sicheng's look. He was smiling. Rubbing her eyes, Su Qianci almost thought she was mistaken However, as she looked at him again, he was still grinning.

Noticing what she was looking at, Li Sicheng pretended to be displeased, asking, "What?"

"You look so good smiling. Smile again now."

Any trace of smile immediately disappeared from Li Sicheng's face as he almost rolled his eyes.Li Sicheng walked faster.

Su Qianci quickly caught up with him and ran to his other side. "That was not enough." Su Qianci circled around him, begging, "Mr. Li, Li Sicheng, Darling"

Li Sicheng could not stand it anymore, pulled her into his arms and whispered, "Quiet." She wanted him to smile? He would only smile when he wanted to.

Caught off guard, Su Qianci immediately struggled, but could not move.

Li Sicheng and Su Qianci took a shuttle back to the hotel, from the window of which, they saw beautiful scenery all around them. It was said that this tropical heaven never had a low season. When they were about to arrive, Su Qianci finally took back her gaze. As she turned around, she suddenly found that the man was looking at her. Su Qianci's heart thumped. Had he been watching her?

Su Qianci suddenly thought of a poem that she had once read: "As you are enjoying the scenery on a bridge, upstairs on a tower people are watching you." She wondered - as the bright moon adorned her window, would she adorn his dream?