The 99th Divorce Chapter 193

Chapter 193: Messy
Chapter 193: Messy
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Just as Sunny was feeling incredibly jealous, she suddenly had a thought. If she made Mrs. Li looked even more stunning, would she get a raise from Li Sicheng? Right, a raise! Sunny jumped up and looked full of energy.

Su Qianci had no idea how Sunny's emotions had changed in less than a minute. Seeing her getting upset and then excited, Su Qianci felt a bit odd. In her last lifetime, she had heard Sunny had some mental issues. Maybe it was true?

Sunny had no idea what Su Qianci was thinking, busy with Su Qianci's makeup and styling. After Sunny was done, it was almost an hour later. Su Qianci was a bit tired, but was then immediately stunned by her reflection in the mirror once Sunny moved away.

Seeing Su Qianci's expression, Sunny said triumphantly, "Even I'm impressed by myself. You look divine."

Was that really her? The same features looked more delicate with the help of makeup. However, different from her normal look, she was now more sophisticated and elegant. Su Qianci almost could not believe that she was looking at herself. Her hair was pinned up except for two wavy strands on the side.

"Stand up." Sunny straightened her dress and whistled. "Impeccable!" Then, she glanced at Su Qianci's neck and wrists and earlobes. "We need some jewelry."

"I do have some" She just did not wear them a lot.

"That's fine." Sunny glanced at her watch and said, "It's about time. I'll take you downstairs."


"To see your husband." Sunny was really looking forward to seeing some expressions on Li Sicheng's face.

Looking at the information that Cheng You had gathered, Li Sicheng frowned and asked, "That's it?"

Cheng You nodded. "It seemed someone had intentionally blocked or clouded the information. I looked into the entire Kingstown and this is all I can find. The director of the orphanage that madam was at thought madam's photo was her mother's, which means they must look like. So I can be sure that Rong Xuan is madam's mother. However" Cheng You took out another file and placed it in front of Li Sicheng. "Mr. Song Yifan is not related to madam."

"Then, how about Sheng Ximing?"

Cheng You was dazed. "You mean"

"Give it a try."

"O... Okay." If that was true, then the relationship between them would be very messy. Song Yifan and Sheng Ximing were best friends and they loved the same woman. If the woman's daughter was not Song Yifan's, but Sheng Ximing's, that would mean"It's about time, Mr. Li."

"Let's go."

As the two of them walked out of the caf, they saw someone familiar. Song Yifan was surprised to see Li Sicheng, but he quickly asked, "Can we talk?" Li Sicheng looked at him calmly and raised an eyebrow, asking silently. "It's about Su Qianci."