The 99th Divorce Chapter 195

Chapter 195: I Will Be With You On All Your Birthdays In The Future
Chapter 195: I Will Be With You On All Your Birthdays In The Future
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Li Sicheng had dressed very formal. Black tux and old-fashioned pocket watch. Tall and handsome as always. Standing in front of her, he looked like a prince walking out of a novel.

"Birthday?" Su Qianci was shocked. She had no idea today was her birthday.

"Isn't it? The date on your ID." Li Sicheng's brows were knitted. God knows how long he had been preparing for this surprise.

Su Qianci shook her head slowly, and then nodded, her eyes wet. "I had no idea. I have never celebrated my birthday before. The date on my ID was the day when the director of the orphanage found me."

Li Sicheng said in a low voice, "This is your birthday. And I will be with you on all your birthdays in the future."

Su Qianci looked up at the man in front of her and her heart thumped. He did not look emotional at all. Even, he looked so calm that it was hard to believe that he just said that. He was still him. The arrogant and cold man. But So attractive.

And I will be with you on all your birthdays in the future.

He sounded like he was stating a fact, his voice cold. However, the words were almost scorching, leaving a burning mark in the deepest corner of her heart. Instantaneously, her eyes became blurry. Looking at his serious face, she tried to confirm what he had just said, "Did you say that every"

"Yes, all of them." There was no doubt in his voice.

Su Qianci's heart raced and her tears fell. Standing on her toes and spreading her arms, she threw herself into his chest.

Li Sicheng was dazed, but quickly put his arm around her, with his face suddenly looking gentle.

"You said every birthday."

"I said every birthday."

In her wildest dream, Su Qianci could not even picture Li Sicheng promising something like this. Li Sicheng rarely made promises. However, once he did, he would do everything he could to keep it. She knew that about him. She knew that so well. Her tears wetting his tux, Su Qianci snuffed and looked deep into his eyes, asking carefully, "Today's my birthday, right?"


"Then, you would grant my wish, wouldn't you?"

"I would."

Hearing his response, Su Qianci let go of him and looked at him timidly, as if she was a child begging for candies, whispering, "Then, can you promise me that you will only celebrate my birthdays?"

Not other women's.

Li Sicheng was 6'2'', while she was 5'4''. She had always looked up at him. Li Sicheng looked down at her and Su Qianci's heart raced. She knew she was probably asking too much. Although she only had him, he also had Tang Mengying, didn't he? Su Qianci thought he would not agree. He would either change the subject, or simply turn her down.

However, he gazed at her and only said a word, "Yes."