The 99th Divorce Chapter 196

Chapter 196: Because He Was Li Sicheng
Chapter 196: Because He Was Li Sicheng
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That word was worth more than all the money in the world to Su Qianci. Su Qianci almost burst into tears and nodded.

Captain Li was standing in the corner of the restaurant and he touched his chin, looking satisfied. However, Sheng Ximing who was next to him immediately said, "The girl is too innocent. Doesn't she know that a man's promises could never be trusted?"

Hearing that, Captain Li gave him a stare and hit his shoulder, "Do you know whose grandson you're talking about?"

Sheng Ximing immediately said, "Your grandson."

Captain Li decided not to pay any attention to him, gazing at his favorite couple. Seeing their relationship getting better and better, Captain Li was pleased with his arrangements. "He's not like other men, because he's my dear baby grandson."

Sheng Ximing looked full of doubt. However, many years later, when Sheng Ximing talked to Su Qianci about her birthday wish back in time, she told him with a smile, "Because he is Li Sicheng." She trusted him just because he was Li Sicheng.

The band of musicians from different countries walked to the couple. They each held their instruments, circling around Su Qianci and Li Sicheng, looking cheerful. The music was merry, but the piano faded out. Standing up, Song Yifan slowly walked toward Su Qianci with a smile on his face.

However, only he knew that as he approached her, his smile became more and more reluctant. He felt incredibly nervous, even more nervous than the first time he had entered a global piano contest.

Li Sicheng was watching him.

Looking at Su Qianci's face which was incredibly similar to his lover, Song Yifan said, "Qianci, today's not only your birthday, but also mine."

Su Qianci was surprised. However, thinking back, Song Yifan seemed to be telling the truth. "Such a coincidence?"

Song Yifan nodded, his hands trembling. Even Su Qianci could notice his unease.

"On this special day, could I ask for a birthday wish from you?"

"From me?" Su Qianci asked, puzzled.

She looked to the side at Li Sicheng, to see he was not surprised at all. He even gave her a little push, seeming to be urging her to agree.


Song Yifan was her idol. It was such an honor for him to ask for a birthday wish from her.

Looking elegant, Song Yifan said, "I have no wife or child. And you don't have a father or mother. As I get older, I long for the company from a child. Will you be willing to be my daughter?"

Su Qianci's heart was almost in his throat. Be his daughter? Be Song Yifan's daughter? Staring at Song Yifan, Su Qianci found that he was not joking at all. Seeing that Li Sicheng was still calm, Su Qianci asked, "you knew this?"

Li Sicheng nodded.

Song Yifan thought Su Qianci was not willing and looked a bit upset. However, he said, "It's all right if you don't"