The 99th Divorce Chapter 197

Chapter 197: What Is This Thing So Hard
Chapter 197: What Is This Thing So Hard
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"Wait a second" Su Qianci interrupted him.

Song Yifan looked up at her, but Su Qianci became silent.

"Your decision," Li Sicheng said.

"Are you my biological father? I am actually Rong Xuan's daughter, right?" Su Qianci asked.

Song Yifan hesitated for a second and said, "I don't know." He did not dare to find out. He knew that Li Sicheng had a DNA test done, but he did not want to look at it.

Su Qianci asked Li Sicheng, "Is he my father?"

Li Sicheng did not answer.

Su Qianci was hesitant. "This is too sudden. Can you give me some time to think about it?"

"Of course." Song Yifan smiled. She did not say no. That gave him hope. That was enough.

Sheng Ximing came over with a bottle of champagne in his hand and said, "Let's forget about the heavy subject. Today is your birthday, and here's to you!" Then he popped the cork and golden liquid burst out. Pouring the champagne into the tower of glasses, Sheng Ximing offered a drink to everyone. "Here, happy birthday!"

While everyone was celebrating, Captain Li was sitting in the corner. He was told not to drink or be too excited. Letting out a sigh, Captain Li said to himself, "Some classics are called for on a day like this." He pointed to the screen and opted for a song popular in his youth. As the speakers were turned on, everyone paused and looked at each other.

Su Qianci looked around and found Captain Li sitting in the corner. With a smile, she raised her glass to him. As the tropical sea creatures swimming around them, this was the most romantic restaurant ever.

However, a clich song was suddenly played through the speaker, "Today is a good day. May all your wishes come true"

Su Qianci could not help laughing, spilling some of her champagne on Li Sicheng. Displeased, Li Sicheng shook down his tux. However, looking at Su Qianci laughing so hard, he could not help smiling at her. Holding her tight, Li Sicheng shared her joy.

Sheng Ximing and Song Yifan also laughed. The clich song continued and Captain Li even sang along with a microphone in his hand.

It was a great birthday.

Su Qianci had a bit too much to drink. Her face red, she could not even walk straight. Li Sicheng was holding her hand. Once out of the restaurant, the cool breeze made Su Qianci feel a bit sober.

"Are you all right?"

Su Qianci stood tall and said, "Yes!" Her voice was a bit too loud.

Li Sicheng grinned and took her into his arms, whispering, "Then I can take you to see the stars."

"Good, great." Su Qianci put her arms around his neck and looked at his handsome face in a haze. "Like the stars that twinkle in the sky?"


"Mmmm" Su Qianci's arm became limp as she gradually slid down.

Li Sicheng wanted to pick her up, but it was impossible. Su Qianci was sliding down like a slimy eel. In the end, her arms were around his waist, and her face in his Li Sicheng froze as an incredible wave of heat took over his body.

"I don't want to walk anymore. Carry me," Su Qianci said with her breath hot. Feeling something against her face, she gave it a pat and complained, "What is this thing so hard?"

Li Sicheng swallowed as he said with suppressed lust, "Get up."

"All right" Su Qianci followed the instruction, but it was impossible to keep her balance in heels. She immediately fell back to where she was. Li Sicheng could clearly feel her oh-so-soft lips through the fabric