The 99th Divorce Chapter 198

Chapter 198: Take You To See The Stars
Chapter 198: Take You to See the Stars
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"Ouch" Su Qianci pouted. As she spoke, the hard object grew bigger. Su Qianci looked at the bulge that had appeared out of nowhere with her watery eyes and poked at the tip of it with her finger.

Li Sicheng felt like he was on fire. Pulling her up, he groaned, "Stop it."

Su Qianci gazed at him blankly. Seeing his fierce look, she parted her lips and then pursed them, complaining, "Don't be so mean" Seeing her look, Li Sicheng felt tortured even more. Taking a deep breath, he put her over his shoulder.

Su Qianci let out a cry, using her limp arms to hit his back, crying, "Li Sicheng, what are you doing?"

"Taking you back to sleep."

"No, not going back. I'm going to see the stars, stars! You said you would take me" Li Sicheng stopped walking and put Su Qianci down.

Su Qianci immediately sat down on the beach, not standing up again, her eyes full of tears.

Li Sicheng tried to be patient and reasoned with her, "You're too drunk to watch the stars."

"I'm not drunk! No."

"Then, who am I?"

"Li Sicheng!"


Su Qianci was dazed, staring at him and asking, "Who are you then?"

"I am your darling."

Su Qianci answered blankly, "You are."

"Get up."

Su Qianci got up from the beach, her long legs showing through the red dress as she moved.

Li Sicheng felt his mouth dry and his crotch stiffen.

Su Qianci had no idea what impact her unintentional move had on the man in front of her. Getting up, she asked, "Are we going to watch the stars?"

"We are You're going to see all the stars." Li Sicheng lifted Su Qianci up and carried her to the water bungalow he had booked. Entering the room, Li Sicheng placed Su Qianci on the waterbed.

Su Qianci's body swayed a little on it and she rolled, feeling fun.

Li Sicheng washed his hands and then patted some water onto his face, trying to cool himself down. However, looking back, he saw Su Qianci rolling around on the bed.

The dress had fallen to her waist. Her long legs crossing, the red heels she was wearing make them look even more alluring.


Li Sicheng loosened his collar and jumped into the bed. Parting her legs and getting over her, Li Sicheng kissed Su Qianci ruthlessly.

Su Qianci was surprised, with her eyes hazy. She reached her tongue out and traced his bottom lip with it. Rubbing her legs around him, she arched her back involuntarily.

Li Sicheng burned. Taking his tuxedo off hastily, Li Sicheng ripped the new bra off Su Qianci.

"Mmmm" Su Qianci moaned because of the sensation.