The 99th Divorce Chapter 199

Chapter 199: Take Care Of What You Have Started
Chapter 199: Take Care Of What You Have Started
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Su Qianci's moan made Li Sicheng lose his mind. He tightened his arm around her and sucked her lips hard. Soon, Su Qianci breathed heavily and whispered, "Don't"

"Who am I?" Li Sicheng asked in a low voice. Su Qianci looked confused.

Seeing that she was not responding, Li Sicheng forced her to look at him, asking again, "Who am I?"

Su Qianci looked at him blankly, thought for a moment, and then called in a sweet voice, "My darling!"

"Who is your darling?"

"You are."

"And who am I?"

"Li Sicheng, ah" Her nipple taken into his mouth, Su Qianci held Li Sicheng's arm and whimpered.


"Don't kiss me there It tickles"

"How about here?"

"Mmmm No"



At some point, Su Qianci was topless, still not knowing what was going on. However, Li Sicheng suddenly thought of something: she was still bleeding. Su Qianci noticed the man had stopped and grunted. Li Sicheng moved away, wanted to get up, but found his waist tied.

"You are such a tease" Li Sicheng returned and parted her legs again. "Did you do that on purpose?" Su Qianci chuckled, as if she was responding to his question. Li Sicheng's eyes became dark. However, he could not stay any longer, otherwise he might do something unwise Exhaling deeply, Li Sicheng tried to move away again.

However, this time, Su Qianci grabbed his collar. Staring at his erection popping out of the underwear, Su Qianci blinked. Then she reached out a hand and gave it a squeeze. Stiff. As she was about to fall to the bed and go to, Li Sicheng caught her hand and gritted his teeth. "You're too naughty"

Su Qianci stared her eyes wide, watching him undressing himself and asking, "what are you doing?"

"Taking my clothes off?"

"Why are you"

"You take care of what you have started. Open your mouth."

"No I"

Li Sicheng caught her, his voice full of temptation. Gazing at her pouty lips, he persuaded, "Be a good girl. Open your mouth"