The 99th Divorce Chapter 20

Chapter 20: A Slut Is A Slut

The shop assistant looked knowingly at her, and flattered Liu Anan by saying, "So she is a mistress. No wonder. I didn't think with her style, she could have a card like this."

"Indeed. The woman was quite a slut in high school. Everyone said that she slept with the headmaster. Otherwise, how could she possibly go to that good of a university?" Liu Anan was satisfied with what the shop assistant had said.

With the sound of the door opening in the fitting room, Su Qianci walked out and impressed everyone that saw her. With her old outfit, Su Qianci looked pretty but ordinary, like the girl next door. With this brand new sleeveless dress, Su Qianci's skin looked even brighter and she looked like a socialite. Every woman liked to look good, and Su Qianci was no exception. Staring at herself in the mirror, she smiled satisfactorily.

The shop assistants were even more shocked. It was perfect!The dress looked like it was made for her. Not only the size, but the style matched her so well. It was the first time for them, seeing someone wearing the dress so well. Even Fu Lengbing, who had seen a lot of good-looking girls, was dazed by Su Qianci.

Seeing Fu Lengbing's reaction, Liu Anan felt jealous and smirked. "Talk about the importance of outfits. Even a chicken could be dressed to be a peacock. However, there is no way that a birdie could become a phoenix."

Su Qianci suddenly frowned and looked to a shop assistant, saying, "You indeed have a diverse pool of clients. Don't you smell that? Are you not going to get rid of her?"

Being accused of her smell, Liu Anan was so mad that her face became blue. She yelled, "It is you who should go!"

Su Qianci ignored her, went to the register with her black card and said, "Check please."

The shop assistant was very thrilled that she was able to sell the dress so easily. She quickly went to the register and glimpsed at Su Qianci's handbag. Although there was no logo and it was extremely low-key, she exclaimed, "It is the limited runway version of Dior this year!"

Meanwhile, another shop assistant also noticed it. She muttered, "Only ten of these were sold globally, right?"

The words shocked Liu Anan and Fu Lengbing as well. Only ten in the whole world and Su Qianci was holding one! She must have other backgrounds, because such a piece could not be bought with money.

The shop assistants all had mixed expressions on their faces. Who could imagine that wearing such a cheap outfit, Su Qianci was carrying a black card and such a rare handbag! These facts were like slaps on their faces.

The shop assistant that had ridiculed Su Qianci immediately blushed and quietly checked her out.

Liu Anan looked even more angry. She sneered and said sourly, "Ha, the money of selling yourself is no big deal! I wonder who your patron is. Is he sixty or seventy? I heard you're quite good in bed. Our headmaster, the old man, was probably so pleased with you that he recommended you to your university."