The 99th Divorce Chapter 200

Chapter 200: Cant Follow Up With The Youth
Chapter 200: Cant Follow Up With The Youth
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When Su Qianci woke up, it was in the morning. Mysteriously, she felt incredibly sore in her cheeks. Rubbing her face, Su Qianci then felt a soreness in her neck as well. Looking around, she did not see Li Sicheng. Looking down, her red gown was changed into pajamas. For sure, Li Sicheng had helped her change. However, why was her face sore?

Su Qianci got out of bed and walked to the bathroom. The door of the bathroom suddenly opened. Li Sicheng was still dripping water, clearly just out of the shower. Seeing that Su Qianci's obviously sober look, Li Sicheng narrowed his eyes.

Su Qianci looked at him and blinked. "Morning."

"It's 10 o'clock."

"So late?"

"Yes, get ready for breakfast."


Her obedience reminded him of her servitude last night.

His throat tightened, as the flame burned up again.

Su Qianci noticed nothing, rubbing her face and walking in the bathroom. It took Su Qianci half an hour to get ready. At that time, Su Qianci's face was still sore.

At breakfast, grandpa shook his head. "What happened to your face? You keep rubbing it."

Su Qianci looked confused. "I have no idea. I woke up and it felt sore"

Li Sicheng looked calm as always, cutting the sausage in his plate. He put a sausage into Su Qianci's plate and said quietly, "Try this."

Su Qianci nodded.

Grandpa saw that and suddenly thought of something, coughing heavily.

Li Sicheng looked up and passed a napkin to him. "Don't read too much into things. It's not good for your health."

Su Qianci looked puzzled, glancing at Captain Li and then his calm grandson, obviously not knowing what had happened.

Captain Li took the napkin and wiped his mouth. Blushing a little, he let out a sigh. "Can't follow up with the youth."

Su Qianci was confused. "What happened?"

Li Sicheng had a fleeting smile in his eyes as he said, "Nothing. Enjoy the sausage."


After breakfast, the three of them left for the airport. It was the last day of the national holiday. After getting off the plane, it was past 8 PM in Kingstown. After parting ways with grandpa, Li Sicheng took Su Qianci back to his house.

Nanny Rong knew that they were coming back and had cooked dinner for them. When they were finished, she then went home. Following the holiday, both Su Qianci and Li Sicheng were incredibly busy. Li Sicheng was busy about work, while Su Qianci

"Well, Qianci. Your dress is so pretty. It must be some big brand? You have never worn this before. I can't even tell what brand it is."

"Of course. Qianci is always low-key and insist on buying garments without logos. If Mr. Li did not show up on campus to protect her, we would not have any idea that she was Mrs. Li."

"You should really be less humble, Qianci, so that we can avoid making that kind of mistake."

Su Qianci glanced at her female classmates who used to ignore her. Were they trying to kiss her ass? She was not used to it yet.