The 99th Divorce Chapter 202

Chapter 202: Unexpected Affliction
Chapter 202: Unexpected Affliction
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Many students looked this way and seemed to be shocked to see the victim to be Su Qianci.

"Isn't that Su Qianci?"

"Her husband is Li Sicheng. How is it possible that she seduces someone else?"

Su Qianci's hair grabbed, she felt a great pain. However, she did not learned jujitsu for nothing. Reaching out a hand, she grabbed the woman's arm and twisted it.

"Ouch!" The woman screamed and couldn't help releasing her hand. Su Qianci quickly got her hair back and kicked her in the stomach. The students who were wondering if they should go help her all let out a yelp seeing that. No one had any idea that Su Qianci could fight.

The woman landed on the ground and stared her eyes wide. Then, she burst into tears. "Stupid bitch. You sleep with my husband and then hit me! I will kill you!"

Su Qianci saw her rushing over, sneered, and dodged. Taking the woman's arm, Su Qianci flipped her around and made her fall again.


The onlookers cheered, and the woman felt even more embarrassed. At this moment, following the taxi, two cars pulled over. Several women got out of the cars and rushed to Su Qianci. Feeling something was odd, Su Qianci released the woman and wanted to run away.

The woman exclaimed, "Get that bitch for me!"

Su Qianci's heart stopped as she was besieged by the women. "What are you doing? I don't know you!"

Those women were clearly the first woman's good friends. One of them said fiercely, "It's not important whether you know us or not. A young girl like you is willing to be the mistress of someone who's your father's age. How shameless!"

Su Qianci looked even more gloomy as she cried, "What the heck are you talking about? Do you know who I am?"

"Yes, a family wrecker! Hit her!"

Then, all the women threw themselves at Su Qianci.

Su Qianci had no other means to run away, so she had to exclaimed at the onlookers, "Please get the guard for me. I am Su Qianci!"

As she said that, a woman shoved her and then got over her, slapping her hard on the face. Su Qianci screamed but was then kicked down by another woman. Her hand was pulled and her legs were secured.

The first woman got up and hit Su Qianci hard in the face, "You f**king hit me. I will show you what I've got."

The girls who were watching all felt a bit terrified. They wanted to help Su Qianci, but they did not dare to go up. Some students called the guard.

Su Qianci's face was burning after being hit. Suddenly, the phone in her pocket started to ring.

The woman quickly snatched her phone and saw on the screen "darling."

"How shameless!" Then, she picked up.

"Where are you?" The deep voice sounded mature.

Hearing the voice, the woman was even more pissed off as she cursed, "F**k, how many darlings do you have, bitch!" Then, she slapped Su Qianci again, loud and clear.