The 99th Divorce Chapter 204

Chapter 204: Darling It Hurts
Chapter 204: Darling It Hurts
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"Ouch!" The rich woman fell to the ground, looking miserable.

She looked back and saw a handsome man coming out of nowhere. He looked cold and poised. Judging from his look, it was definitely him who had hit her.

The rich woman immediately cursed, "A boy toy? Trying to protect this shameless bitch?"

Hearing her, Li Sicheng's face became even more gloomy. After seeing Su Qianci's face, he felt uncontrollably furious. Looking up, Li Sicheng held Su Qianci's face and looked deeply concerned.

"You You are?" One of the other women thought Li Sicheng looked familiar, but she could not remember where she had seen him.

Li Sicheng's sharp gaze fell on the other women, and they quickly released Su Qianci. Without anyone holding her back, Su Qianci stood up a bit wobbly. Li Sicheng immediately took her into his arms. Smelling the familiar scent, Su Qianci burst into tears, "Darling, it hurts."

Li Sicheng felt his heart was wrenched. It was the first time that she voluntarily called him that. Of course it hurt, bruised like this! He suddenly had a mixed feeling of anger, self-guilt, and regret. Holding Su Qianci, he whispered, "I'm here. I'm here."

Turning to the rich lady, he said, "You made my woman cry Very well!" Li Sicheng held back the urge to hit these women and commanded, "Yang, call the police."

Yang quickly caught the police and told them the address. The women were not scared at all. The woman coming first sneered, "This bitch slept with my husband first. I am only punishing her. Don't get yourself into this. The police will help me. You know, my husband is Fu Zetian."

Li Sicheng chuckled coldly and said, "I'll see whether they will help Fu Zetian, or Li Sicheng."

"Li Sicheng?"

"Her husband is Li Sicheng?"

The friends of the rich woman became hesitant. Almost the entire Kingstown knew what Li Sicheng was like. Even these ladies who never paid any attention to the news. There was no way that Li Sicheng was promiscuous.

However, the rich woman got up and bristled at her friends, "There is no way they're married. She's a shameless bitch and sleeps with the two richest men in Kingstown."

Li Sicheng's eyes became even colder, as if there was a blizzard going on. The rich woman became silent. Li Sicheng looked down and asked gently, "Sweetheart, do you want revenge?"

Su Qianci looked up, her hair messy and her tender cheeks swollen and blue. Li Sicheng's heart sank. Without Su Qianci's answer, Li Sicheng carried Su Qianci, walking to the rich woman.

Startled, the rich woman shuddered and asked, "What What do you want to do?"