The 99th Divorce Chapter 206

Chapter 206: Worst Luck

For a successful businessman, dinner parties were the most common activities. Having drank a lot, Fu Zetian saw a shadow when he was pissing in the men's room. He did not pay any attention to it, pulled his pants up, and turned away. However, a bag was put over his head. Smelling something odd, he lost consciousness. When he woke up again, Fu Zetian saw a pretty face next to him. The girl suddenly sat on top of him, chuckling, "Mr. Fu, you're awake"

Fu Zetian was someone who enjoyed sex a lot, but his monstrous wife had never let him get his way. At this point, there was no way he could control himself. Fu Zetian disregarded the situation and put his arms around the pretty girl, hammering her mindlessly.

However, someone was banging on the door.

Fu Zetian paused and then sped up. The girl moaned louder and louder, making people outside the door aware what was happening. It was an ordinary motel, so the room was not soundproof. Hearing the noise, the rich lady who was waiting outside panicked and knocked the door open. The two did not mean to stop at all. The noise of flesh hitting flesh and the panting were loud and clear.

Seeing that the man was really Fu Zetian, the rich lady burst into tears. "You son of a b*tch, cheating on me with two women at the same time."

Hearing his wife's voice, Fu Zetian was shocked. With his body shaking, he gave up his load.

The rich lady was even more angry, grabbing the hair of the second woman who was waiting on the side, growling, "Darn you, b*tch. I'll kill you!"

The woman had been in the prostitution business for years. It was not the first time she had to deal with such a situation. As her hair was grabbed, she quickly hit the rich lady's face with her head. The rich lady was knocked over.

The woman sneered. "Your man is not interested in you. You cannot blame that on others."

The woman who was in bed with Fu Zetian came down to dress herself, complaining, "I thought you were a stud, but you finished in less than three minutes. How lame!"

Fu Zetian felt his male ego was challenged and wanted to catch that woman, but she quickly ran away. Irritated, Fu Zetian kicked his wife hard. "What are you doing here?"

The rich lady screamed with tears, "Darn you! I waited for you at home and you were here cheating on me."

"What's wrong with that? I have had enough facing a pig like you."

Reminded of what had just happened, Fu Zetian bristled, "Darn it, you've done nothing other than drag me down. It is my worst luck to marry you."

Hearing that, the rich lady cried, "Son of a b*tch!"

Su Qianci continued to hear the cries through her computer, feeling bad for the wife.