The 99th Divorce Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Unworthy Opponent

Su Qianci glanced at Liu Anan coldly and saw her face twisted out of jealous. With a smile, Su Qianci ridiculed, "Bad personality and language, I am very reluctant to admit that you are a classmate of mine."

Su Qianci turned her eyes away with arrogance. Su Qianci was 5'4", a bit smaller than the size of Liu Anan. However, at this moment, she gave Liu Anan an incredible amount of pressure. It was not about the height or the look, but psychology. The pressure was enough to break Liu Anan up.

Fu Lengbing couldn't resist the temptation to check Su Qianci out. At this point, Su Qianci was incredibly chic with her movements and gestures. Compared to that girl in high school, she was a different person. In front of Su Qianci, Liu Anan looked like the ugly duckling, and Su Qianci was the white swan.

The huge difference made Liu Anan feel even more angry. She clenched her fists and was about to shoot fire from her eyes. Liu Anan yelled, "However, I am even more reluctant to admit that a person was willing to sleep with a man older than her father is my high school classmate."

"That's enough!" Fu Lengbing stopped her. "That's too far."

Coming from a rich family, Fu Lengbing knew better than anyone else that his older sister had her eyes on the handbag for more than half a year but still failed to buy one. The fact that Su Qianci was able to purchase the bag told him that the man behind her back was very important.

In addition, Su Qianci was behaving in a much different way as well. Whether she was a mistress or not, Su Qianci was not someone they could afford to cross at this point.

However, Liu Anan did not know why Fu Lengbing said that. She flicked away his hand and cried, "Too far? Do you feel sorry for her? Seeing that she has become so pretty and awesome, are you planning to go back to her?"

It was the most embarrassed that Fu Lengbing had ever felt in his life. He bristled. "Have you had enough? Let's go. This is so embarrassing!"

Su Qianci sneered, deciding not to pay her any attention. It was not worth her time to quarrel with someone like this.

After she swiped her card and signed, Liu Anan exclaimed again, "You bitch. You slept with the headmaster for college and slept with an old man for his black card. A dog always eats shit!"

More and more people gathered, and all the eyes were on Su Qianci. However, Su Qianci did not look nervous at all. She was only indifferent. "Liu Anan, do you know how many years you would spend in prison for libel?"

Seeing that more and more people were gathering, Liu Anan raised her voice. "You were admitted to a famous university, but I did not do well in the college entrance examination. Everyone knew how good I was at school. You must have f**ked the headmaster to swap your score with mine!"

Su Qianci was speechless. Indeed, she had not been very good at school previously. However, with the pressure from the Su family, she had worked very hard and stayed up all night for more than a month in her senior year. After the college entrance examination, she had immediately fallen ill. However, she still did not get into the ideal major according to the Su family's requirement. That was why she had to compromise and go to the business management major of Kingstown University.

How come in Liu Anan's mouth, she was using unfair means?

More and more people were gathering. Some of those people were recording the scene and uploading it to Weibo. Su Qianci was not nervous at all. Looking at Liu Anan, she said openly, "What about the proof? Since you are so certain, give us the proof. I am curious to know how I could sleep with the headmaster without myself knowing."

"Proof? What proof do you need!" Liu Anan sneered. "The fact that you, such a bad student ended up in a famous college, is the best proof!"

"Oh, is that right?" A male voice stood out among the noise, sounding deep and mellow, followed by steady footsteps.