The 99th Divorce Chapter 211

Chapter 211: Isnt Your Baby Mine

Same place? She had only met Lu Yihan in person at a caf. However, what was so important that he had to talk to her in person? Su Qianci frowned, stood up, and was ready to retrieve her phone from the bedroom.

Li Sicheng was standing in front of her. "Where are you going?"

"I'm going to ask him what is it that he needs to talk to me about."

"Dinner first."

"What if it's something urgent?" Su Qianci wanted to walk past Li Sicheng.

Li Sicheng pursed his lips and caught Su Qianci's hand. There seemed to be a storm going on in his deep eyes. He said, "He asked me to send someone to the warehouse on the east side."

Hearing that, Su Qianci's eyes suddenly became sharp. "So he found where Tang Mengying is going to meet her help?"

Li Sicheng narrowed his eyes and nodded.

Su Qianci remained silent for a minute and called, "Li Sicheng."

What did she call him? Li Sicheng?

Li Sicheng looked at her and smiled sarcastically, "Do I need to remind you who you are, Mrs. Li?"

As their eyes were locked, Su Qianci became nervous. She was still afraid of him. The deep fear did not disappear because he had been nice to her. Laughing at herself, Su Qianci braced herself and looked at Li Sicheng in the eyes. "I think I have found out who murdered my baby."

My baby, instead of our baby.

Li Sicheng tightened his grip on Su Qianci's hand and asked fiercely, "Isn't your baby mine?"

Feeling the pain, Su Qianci frowned and wanted to wriggle her hand free. However, she failed.

"Tell me!" Li Sicheng saw Su Qianci's brows knitted and suddenly had a crazy idea: maybe the baby she had lost was not his.

Su Qianci felt humiliated by the question. He was doubting her? Su Qianci became furious and her breath hasty. Staring at Li Sicheng's icy face, she sneered, "I'm not promiscuous like you are, fucking everything you see. Let go of me!"

"Promiscuous?" Li Sicheng gritted his teeth and held her arm down. "Is that what you just called me?"

It was just something she burst out, but there was no going back. Shaking slightly, Su Qianci exclaimed, "Am I wrong? We are married, and you slept with another woman. Isn't that what you are?" Her voice was hysterical as she almost sobbed.

Li Sicheng was dazed, but he did not look as gloomy as he had been.

Su Qianci thought he was feeling guilty and felt suffocated, biting her bottom lip and staring at him.

Nanny Rong had just collected the laundry and calm inside the room. Seeing the couple fighting, she was shocked. "What happened?"

Li Sicheng waved his hands at Nanny Rong and became calm, looking at the angry girl in front of him. "Based on what do you think that I have slept with another woman?"

Su Qianci looked up at him, her eyes red. If he did not sleep with Tang Mengying, where did the baby come from? Considering how emotionally invested Tang Mengying was to Li Sicheng, it was impossible for Tang Mengying to sleep with someone else. If Li Sicheng had never slept with Tang Mengying, why would she be pregnant?

Su Qianci did not speak. Li Sicheng approached her and asked seriously, "Will you believe me if I tell you that you're my first and only?"