The 99th Divorce Chapter 215

Chapter 215: Unable to Deny It

At 7 PM, the old warehouse on the east side looked bleak in the dusk. This was a place that was almost abandoned. An old van slowly drove inside, looking ordinary. In the dark, the hunter retrieved the camera that he had prepared and connected it to Cheng You's remote device.

"The prey's here."


The van gradually came to a halt, as a woman covered all over walked out of it. In a mask, hat, glasses, long-sleeved blouse, and sneakers, she slowly walked to a corner. After about three minutes, there was the loud noise of a motorcycle. It was a top-notch motorcycle, judging from its signature sound. A man took the helmet off and got off the motorcycle. Blowing a whistle, same as Tang Mengying, he did not notice the detective and hidden camera.

"Hey, what are you afraid of? Dressing like this each time It's not like anyone is going to spot you."

"Cut the crap. Where is this stuff?"

"Where is your sense of humor? Here!" He threw an envelope into Tang Mengying's hand. "It is not easy to Photoshop all these. You need to pay me more."

"Greedy!" Tang Mengying opened the envelope and saw the photos. With a content smile, she said, "Where did you find this guy? So ugly."

"The most popular man whore, always posting scandalous photos like these ones. I only paid for some that had not been posted yet and replaced the faces of the women."

"Well done. I couldn't tell it was edited."

"For sure. Where is the stuff you want to add?"

"Here. Remember to add this. At that time, Li Sicheng would not be able to deny it."

"All right. I will add it as soon as possible. Remember to send me the money."

"Of course."

"You have to know that I am risking my life to help you. Remember what happened to Coach Jin? If Li Sicheng found out about this, there might be even worse consequences for me."

"You're afraid? Then I will ask someone else to do it."

"Well well We have been collaborating for a long time. Just pay me one or two million more, and I'll do it for you."

Blackmailing? One or two million? the hunter thought, believing that Tang Mengying would definitely walk away.

However, she said, "When it's done, you will get paid. Just do your thing. However, are you sure that you are safe and secure?"

"Rest assured. In terms of hacking, I can say that except for Z, no one could do a better job than I in the whole country."

"Great. Make sure you do a good job."


The two quickly said goodbye, and Tang Mengying went back into the van. The man put his helmet on again, ready to go. The hunter was relieved, hitting pause and putting his camera away. However, when he was doing that, his elbow touched a cardboard box, which fell and led to the collapse of a whole bunch of stuff.

Tang Mengying was startled, and so was the man. He exclaimed, "Who is there? Get out!"

The hunter was terrified. Seeing the two coming at him, he quickly ran.

Tang Mengying's heart was in her throat as she became pale and yelled, "Go after him!"

The man immediately went on his motorcycle and chased after the hunter.