The 99th Divorce Chapter 216

Chapter 216: Be Proactive

The hunter had never been so mortified before. He thought that he had finished the mission and was ready to go. However, in the end, he exposed himself. Running as fast as he could, the hunter did not dare to look back, but the motorcycle's noise was getting close. The east side was an industrial zone. After he ran out, he almost saw no cars.

As the motorcycle got closer and closer, the hunter panicked. As he ran, he threw his precious camera hard at the man on motorcycle. "Take this!"

The man on the motorcycle was startled, unable to believe that the hunter just did that. He turned sideways, and the camera brushed by his helmet and fell behind. The man quickly got off the motorcycle, found the camera, but found that the SD card slot was empty. All that was left was the camera itself.

"Dammit!" Smashing the camera, the motorcycle guy again got on his vehicle and followed the hunter. Maxing his speed, he quickly shortened the distance between them.

What should he do? The hunter felt he was out of breath as his legs were about to give up. On the verge of life and death, he knew that he could not stop. Suddenly, a sports car pulled over in front of him. It was a woman's voice. "Get in!"

Without thinking, the hunter quickly jumped inside the car and slammed the door, yelling, "Go!"

Cheng You quickly turned up the speed and said, "Sit tight."

The motorcycle was a top-notch one, but Cheng You's car was relatively ordinary. At this moment, the most crucial thing was the driving skills. The hunter was about to say something, but suddenly leaned forward because of the speed. As fast as Cheng You was, the motorcycle was still much faster than the car.

The hunter felt very guilty for his carelessness. Looking forward, he then glanced at Cheng You and asked, "Miss Cheng You, do you have a napkin?"

Cheng You cried impatiently, "Find it yourself."

The hunter did not dare to say another word, flipped through the compartments and found a box of tissues. He then opened the window.

Cheng You bristled. "Are you crazy? Do know what you're doing?"

Disregarding Cheng You's words, the hunter shredded a few tissues and threw it out from the window.

The motorcycle guy was just next to them at a high speed. Caught off guard, he was disturbed by the shredded tissues and shook his head.

Cheng You suddenly knew what the hunter was trying to do. As the motorcycle slowed down, Cheng You made the car slide, hitting the motorcycle.

With a huge noise, the motorcycle guy was knocked to the side. However, with his excellent skills, he did not fall and steadied himself, quickly looking down to see if his precious motorcycle was okay. When he looked up again, the car was far away and it was impossible for him to catch up with it.


The motorcycle guy cursed and called Tang Mengying, "They got away."

"What? I paid so much for your service and this is how you repaid me?" Hearing the shrill voice through the phone, the motorcycle guy picked his ear impatiently. "Well, there's nothing I can do."

Tang Mengying remained silent for a while before she said, "It seems that we can only be proactive."