The 99th Divorce Chapter 217

Chapter 217: A Scandal about Your Wife

"The mission was compromised."

When he got the call from Cheng You, it was past 7 PM. Li Sicheng put down his chopsticks as his eyes became colder. "What do you mean?"

Cheng You briefed Li Sicheng on the situation and then said, "Fortunately, the hunter got the SD card back."

"Get it for me."


When Cheng You and the hunter arrived at Li Sicheng's house, it was about 9 PM.

Su Qianci was focusing on her laptop, sitting on the couch. Li Sicheng was finishing up some work. They looked harmonious together. Hearing the doorbell, Su Qianci stood up and got the door, and Li Sicheng also paused what he was doing. As he entered the room, the hunter felt a bit ashamed to face Li Sicheng, standing afar with his head bowed. Cheng You handed the SD card to Li Sicheng.

Using Su Qianci's computer, Li Sicheng played the video in the SD card. As it was played, his face became stern.

Su Qianci poured the staff some water and also came over to see the video.

She happened to hear what the man was saying: "Remember what happened to Coach Jin? If Li Sicheng found out about this..." Li Sicheng gritted his teeth and clenched his fists, dark clouds in his eyes.

The only Coach Jin he could think of was that one. So, the incident was very likely staged by Tang Mengying? His child, the first child of him and Su Qianci, was killed by Tang Mengying? He glanced at Su Qianci.

Su Qianci had become pale. Biting her bottom lip, she stared at the screen. Noticing Li Sicheng's glance, Su Qianci looked at him and her heart raced.

Li Sicheng found that her look was a mix of expectation and hesitance, but there was no surprise.

"It's her." Her voice was husky. "She had everything to do with my lost baby."

"You knew this?" Li Sicheng's face was gloomy. "Why didn't you tell me?"

If he had any idea about this, Tang Mengying would not have lived such a happy life. "I just learned about it. In addition" Su Qianci looked down and chuckled with a sense of self-mockery. "If I told you, would you have believed me?"

Li Sicheng gazed at her deeply and asked, "Why wouldn't I?"

Su Qianci gazed at him, her feelings complex. Why would he? Should she have shouted at him that Tang Mengying was the one who killed their baby and she was up to no good? Would he have believed that? No way. It was not like she had not done this before. He had been tired of her accusation in her previous lifetime, and so had everyone else. This lifetime, she would not make the same mistakes. If she said nothing, there would be no hard feelings, right?

Seeing that she was silent, Li Sicheng asked again, "Why wouldn't I have believed my own woman?"

His woman

He called her that again. The first time, he called her that when she was bullied by the rich ladies in front of the campus. This was the second time. So, could he be serious? Could she take him seriously? She did not want to be anything else but his woman, after all At this moment, Li Sicheng's phone rang and the caller was Luo Zhan.

Li Sicheng put the call on speaker and Luo Zhan's voice immediately came through: "Check out Weibo. There is a scandal about your wife."