The 99th Divorce Chapter 218

Chapter 218: Brother, Too Much Information

Li Sicheng's heart sank and hastily looked at the website. The headline was: "Li Sicheng's insatiable wife meeting her boy toy late night."

Insatiable? Boy toy?

"Nonsense!" Li Sicheng hit the table. "The wife of Li Sicheng does not need to be satisfied at all."

Cheng You suddenly realized something and looked at Su Qianci. Su Qianci's face suddenly blushed as she pulled Li Sicheng blamingly.

Over the phone, Luo Zhan choked as well. After a while, he said, "Brother, that's too much information."

Li Sicheng was silent.

"However, I have hacked all the photos and replace them with your wedding photos. There was nothing but this title. I don't think this would be a problem anymore."

Indeed, when Li Sicheng clicked into the post, all he could see was their wedding photos.

Su Qianci looked gorgeous in the photos, while Li Sicheng was keeping a poker face when the photos were taken. If it was not because of grandpa, Su Qianci had no doubt that he would turn away immediately. However

"Why would you have these photos?"

"I hacked your wife's computer," Luo Zhan said matter-of-factly.

Su Qianci stared her eyes wide. This guy hacked her computer? Did he know how to spell "privacy?" In addition, he was announcing this as if it was nothing important.

Li Sicheng scrolled down and found the topic had become the most popular one a few minutes after it was posted, which meant there had to be someone promoting it.

"Who is it? Did you find out?"

"Of course. I am Z!"

The hunter asked incredulously, "You are Z?"

Hearing another person's voice, Luo Zhan bristled, "You put me on speaker?"

"I did."

"Dammit. Who is there?"

"My wife, my assistant, and a stupid hunter." Li Sicheng's fingers danced on the keyboard, typing out a post.

Luo Zhan wanted to complain, but suddenly saw Li Sicheng's work. "You sent that post? 'All media are welcome to the press conference of my wife on October 15.' Geez, and there is a photo of you guys kissing. Are you announcing war?"

Li Sicheng smiled and said, "Yes." That was exactly what he was doing.

With great pleasure, Tang Mengying opened Weibo, checking on the post that she had paid for. Su Qianci must have become an abomination by now. Tang Mengying wondered what expression Li Sicheng had on his face. However, after searching again and again, all Tang Mengying could find was the topic: Mrs. Li press conference.

She clicked on it and saw Li Sicheng's post immediately. And there was a photo as well--a gorgeous photo of Li Sicheng and Su Qianci kissing. The quality of the photo was not too good. Obviously, it was taken by a cell phone. The backdrop was the blue ocean. Su Qianci was wearing a red off-shoulder gown, wrapping her arms around Li Sicheng with her face blushed. Li Sicheng was kissing her on the lips deeply

Tang Mengying's breath became hasty as she let out a scream and smashed her laptop. "Son of a bitch!"

Hearing the noise, Mrs. Tang ran inside, asking, "What happened?"

Seeing her mother, Tang Mengying immediately sobbed, "Mom What should I do? I cannot wait until that day. I must tell the world that the baby I'm carrying is Li Sicheng's."

"If that bitch Su Qianci learns about it, do you think you could keep this baby?" Mrs. Tang rebutted. "Don't worry. I have a better way."