The 99th Divorce Chapter 219

Chapter 219: So Unfair To The Single People

After Li Sicheng sent the post, Cheng You got a call and answered in English. Su Qianci was quite impressed by the assistant's language skills. Considering what had just happened, Cheng You was indeed a capable subordinate. No wonder she had stayed around Li Sicheng for eight years in Su Qianci's previous lifetime. Even after Cheng You got married and gave birth, Li Sicheng did not want to let her go and paid a lot for her to stay. After taking the call, Cheng You's look was a bit heavy as she called, "Mr. Li."

"I heard you. Something happened in America?"

"Yes. Mr. Stewart is quite sick. He does not have a lot of time and he would like to see you."

Mr. Stewart? Su Qianci knew that name. When Li Sicheng studied abroad, Mr. Stewart was his professor. Because Mr. Stewart lost his son, he treated his favorite student Li Sicheng like a son. Occasionally, when Li Sicheng had additional time, he would go to America and visit the old man. Su Qianci remembered that in her previous lifetime, Mr. Stewart had passed away around this period of time.

Li Sicheng was silent for a moment and looked at Su Qianci.

"You should go," Su Qianci said before he did. "We don't know how long he could afford to wait, so you should go as soon as possible."

Li Sicheng nodded and stood up, planting a kiss on Su Qianci's forehead. "I'll come back as soon as possible."

"Mr. Li, do you need me to come with you?" Cheng You asked.

"That's not necessary. Stay in Kingstown and manage the company's business for me. If there's something you cannot decide, call me."

"Got it."

"Also, follow up on the press conference."

"Will do."

"Thanks so much."

Cheng You shuddered, hearing the rare gratitude from her boss. She stuttered, "no worries."

Su Qianci held back her smile and said, "I'll go pack for you."

"We can pack together."

Cheng You and the hunter felt a bit awkward. The hunter said, "I'll go."

Cheng You nodded and said, "I Will drive Mr. Li to the airport in a bit."

When they went upstairs, Su Qianci took out the suitcase and packed as she said, "remember to eat on time. It might be a bit cold over there. I will put in some jackets for you. Remember to change"

Before she finished, Su Qianci realized that the guy next to her had put his arms around her. Su Qianci paused and her face burned.

"What else?" Li Sicheng whispered in a deep voice. As he said that, he had turned Su Qianci around. His features were so soft that Su Qianci could not stop running her imagination wild.

Blushing, Su Qianci hugged him back, remembering that she would not be able to see him in days. Looking up, she said, "Come back as soon as possible."

Li Sicheng had a smile in his eyes as he pecked on her lips. "Your wish is my command, sweetheart."

Hearing his flirtatious answer, Su Qianci blushed even more, pushed Li Sicheng away, and started to pack.

Cheng You was very efficient. She had booked the air ticket to New York in no time. The flight would leave in two hours.

Cheng You had waited for a while after she drove the car over when she saw Su Qianci and Li Sicheng coming down. However, at the door, Li Sicheng suddenly halted, put his luggage down, and kissed Su Qianci against the door. Cheng You's face burned as she whimpered inwardly: so unfair to the single people.