The 99th Divorce Chapter 221

Chapter 221: Like an Idiot

Maybe it was because of the invitations, Su Qianci was asked to eat together with her classmates after class. It was the first time that she had ever tried to hang out with her college classmates. In the beginning, Su Qianci felt a bit awkward, but after a couple of days, she started to get comfortable. Soon, it was Friday. After class, Su Qianci turned down the invitations to have lunch together.

Yang had been waiting for her. Su Qianci went back home and packed her stuff. After eating something, she checked the time and found it was not even 1 o'clock.

However, when she was about to go to the airport, she suddenly got a shocking invite.

Looking at Tang Mengying who had clearly gained a few pounds, Su Qianci stirred the coffee in front of her but did not drink it. Tang Mengying took a sip of her freshly squeezed juice and sighed. "I had no idea that we can sit together like this. I miss the old days and wonder since when we had changed."

Su Qianci curled her lips. She had ended up in such a miserable situation last lifetime. If she did not stay away from Tang Mengying, that would be odd. Su Qianci did not speak, staring at Tang Mengying as if Tang was an idiot.

Tang Mengying could not stand that look from Su Qianci and lost her calm. She approached Su Qianci and said, "I asked you out today to tell you the wonderful news."

Su Qianci glanced at her sympathetically and sighed. "What is it?" Su Qianci sounded as if she was talking to a mentally disabled person.

Tang Mengying was suddenly pissed off and became furious. Although Su Qianci had done nothing and only said one sentence, Tang Mengying could not help losing control.

Seeing Tang Mengying's mad face, Su Qianci said with a subtle smile, "you asked me out in such a public space, so I'm sure it's something special."

It was a bustling caf. If anything happened, everyone in town would know. Tang Mengying saw that Su Qianci was affected and smiled contently.

"Not a big deal Just that I might have beaten you to something. Two months ago, when I was on that business trip with Brother Sicheng, we did it."

Although Su Qianci had known what she was about to say, Su Qianci could not help feeling hurt and tightened her grip on the little spoon. That phone call was something Su Qianci could never forget. However, hadn't Li Sicheng already told her that she was his first and only woman? So, she should believe him, right?

Su Qianci's reaction was minor, but Tang Mengying was able to capture it and continued with a happy smile, "brother Sicheng is so different in bed from how he normally is - so passionate. Is he the same way with you?"

Su Qianci's hand froze.

Don't get mad

It was so clear what Tang Mengying was trying to do. She was trying to provoke Su Qianci in a public place. If it were the old Su Qianci, Su Qianci would have jumped and thrown coffee on her face and grabbed her hair yelling at her. At this moment, God knows how many people were staring at Mrs. Li. If this kind of news ever got out, Li Sicheng and the entire Li family would be put on the spot. That was exactly Tang Mengying wanted.