The 99th Divorce Chapter 23

Chapter 23: How Could She Be Mrs. Li!

Liu Anan blushed and quickly nodded. "Yes! Brother Li, last year we met at your birthday party. I was wearing"

She suddenly called Li Sicheng brother, which disgusted the man. Li Sicheng felt impatient and said, "Didn't she tell you that I am married?"

Liu Anan was dazed and nodded. It was no secret that Li Sicheng was married. However, the wedding was very low-key, and the media did not even find out about the identity of his bride. How come he was suddenly bringing this up?

Liu Anan did not understand this man. However, it was exactly the mystery about him that was so fatally attractive to women. Feeling encouraged, Liu Anan stared at Li Sicheng with no shame. Her look was so full of lust that it was disgusting.

Li Sicheng was numb to this kind of look. However, he was suddenly reminded of the fact that Su Qianci had looked at him the same way a couple of days before. However, todayHe finally understood what was different about Su Qianci.

Is she playing hard to get?

Throwing a glance at Su Qianci, Li Sicheng quickly looked elsewhere. "So, I do not believe it is smart to insult my wife in front of me."

He looked calm, as if he was telling people about something ordinary. However, his words shocked everybody.

Liu Anan was the most shocked among all. She immediately yelled, "How is that possible? She is your wife?"

Fu Lengbing was also astonished, looking at Su Qianci incredulously. The Li family was the number one household in Kingstown! They had deep government connections. Among the three brothers in the family, only Li Sicheng chose to do business. However, every person in the family was elite.

Fu Lengbing knew very well how difficult it was to marry into this kind of family. Someone like Su Qianci The Li family accepted her? Not just Liu Anan, even Fu Lengbing could not believe that.

However, Li Sicheng was admitting it himself!

"What? She is the wife of the president?" One of the shop assistants felt so incredulous that she could hardly stand up straight. The woman in such an ordinary outfit just now was the wife of the big boss!

"So, she is Mrs. Li!" One of the onlookers exclaimed, "I could tell that Mrs. Li was extraordinary. A mistress? Ha ha, a jealous woman is the most horrifying."

"Exactly! That woman was so aggressive that I almost thought it was true. What a bitch!"

"Mrs. Li is so pretty that she and the president are the perfect match."

"That's right. However, who is the man standing next to that woman? Is he one of the Fu family?"

"I think he is. Is that woman his girlfriend?"

"No way. Such poor taste"

The discussion was louder and louder. Fu Lengbing's face became crimson and he moved farther from Liu Anan.

Liu Anan could not get over the shock. She had no idea that Fu Lengbing resented her at this point. Liu Anan looked at Su Qianci incredulously and said, "It is absolutely impossible. How come a woman like you could marry into the Li family? You must have done it in a nasty way. Yes, that must be it. Su Qianci, you are absolutely shameless!"