The 99th Divorce Chapter 236

Chapter 236: Smash That File
Chapter 236: Smash That File
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In the video, the room was lined with mirrors. It seemed to be a room for dancing or yoga.

What the heck? So many guys at the same time? Su Qianci was such a player. However, was Su Qianci like this?

She had always been a pushover, despite her fierce look in high school. Considering who she was, she would never be engaged in something like this. In addition, although rumor has it that Li Sicheng did not have the best temper, he still looked great and had a lot of money. Why would Su Qianci do something like this?

Yu Lili clicked her tongue and shook her head. After looking back several times, she found from the details that the video was pieced together. Then, the video quickly changed into something else. The first photo, Su Qianci was chatting with Lu Yihan. The second photo, Su Qianci smiled prettily, and Lu Yihan was looking at her gentle and sweet. The third photo, there were sitting opposite each other, looking like they were kissing A dozen photos of Su Qianci eating and messing around with Lu Yihan. Yu Lili smile had completely disappeared as her heart was wrenched.

It hurt so much

She had always known that Lu Yihan was into Su Qianci. That was why she had always targeted Su Qianci in high school. Even so, Su Qianci and Lu Yihan were still very close. Su Qianci had always thought that there was only friendship between them, but Yu Lili knew that it was different for Lu Yihan Then the image changed again. It was in the evening. In front of an alley, Su Qianci supported Lu Yihan to walk, and suddenly, Lu Yihan felt on top of her.

In the video, Lu Yihan looked fine, but Su Qianci suddenly let out a cry and leaned over him, her hair falling on his face. The image froze and then it showed a dark room, in which Su Qianci had her eyes closed and Lu Yihan was kissing her gently Yu Lili found that jealousy was almost driving her crazy.

Why did Su Qianci get to have so much time spent with him, while she could not even see him? For what? She snuffed, holding back the urge to cry out loud and simply smashed the video file. This kind of video would hurt Su Qianci and Lu Yihan severely. Although she envied Su Qianci, she could not deny the fact that she liked Su Qianci as a friend. Just consider this a payback to what she did in high school. After smashing the video file, Yu Lili made sure that there was no trace left, and quickly left.

After staring for a long while, Tang Mengqing and Tang Mengying still did not see the love potion in action.

Tang Mengqing stomped her feet. "Li Weiya must have replaced the lipstick. I knew that the package looked a bit different."

Tang Mengying gritted her teeth and whispered, "let's go back first."

When they went back to the control room, Tang Mengqing immediately found that the computer looked a bit different. Startled, she found the video was gone.

"What should we do? Sister, the video is gone." Tang Mengying heard that and quickly checked. Indeed, there was no file.

"What now? We'll just let her off the hook like this? I don't want to." Tang Mengqing was nervous.

Tang Mengying glanced at her and slowly took her phone out. "What are you worried about? I still have a backup."