The 99th Divorce Chapter 237

Chapter 237: Romance
Chapter 237: Romance
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Li Xun made a humorous remark and introduced Su Qianci to the guests. With incredible elegance, Su Qianci looked at the audience with a smile. The golden gown she was wearing showed off her figure perfectly. Although it was a formal gown, it still was a useful design.

Since a formal speech like this would be more or less boring, the audience did not have much hope for Su Qianci to say anything different. Many people thought she must have prepared a script to recite from. However, as Su Qianci spoke, she attracted everyone's attention.

The media's report reflected Su Qianci's demeanor, smile, and appearance, which all won compliments from the netizens. Li Xun clearly felt the change in people's attitude-- from despise to respect, which made him proud. This was the girl he handpicked for his grandson. After Su Qianci addressed the audience, the light became dimmer. The LED screen suddenly lit up.

She heard a familiar piano music, smooth but sad. Su Qianci was dazed. It was Elegy. She looked back and saw a picture. In the picture, a white grand piano was placed under layers of wisteria. Golden sunshine was cast through the vines and decorated the piano. A girl in white was sitting in front of the piano, playing attentively, with tears on her cheeks. Behind her, a tall man was standing still, looking at her softly. Many people were dazed, seeing the picture.

Especially Ou Ming. He held a glass of wine and remarked, "Geez, Li Sicheng is really into his wife."

What about the divorce? What about the contract? Ou Ming touched his nose, glancing at Yu Lili. Yu Lili looked at Su Qianci's slim figure with admiration in her eyes. Su Qianci was such a lucky girl The piano music continued, but the photo had changed.

In the sky, Li Sicheng bowed his head to kiss Su Qianci, while she opened her eyes wide. Clearly, she was caught off guard.

On the beach, Su Qianci's face was in his palms, and his lips covered hers.

In the restaurant deep down the ocean, she wrapped her arm around his shoulders, looking up at him with happiness in her eyes.

As the image changed, all the reporters felt quite impressed.

Seeing those pictures, Tang Mengying pinched herself with her nails.

"Dammit!" Tang Mengqing could not stand it either. "Why does Brother Sicheng like her so much?"

"That's not true," Tang Mengying cried. "It is impossible that he likes her. If he likes that bitch, there is no way that he would touch me. The baby I have is the best proof."

Tang Mengqing felt a bit unsure, seeing the authentic feelings in Li Sicheng's eyes in those photos. Did he fake all that?

"He is only pretending for the sake of the old captain. It was because Captain Li pushed him."

Tang Mengqing felt relaxed. "So, what now?"

"The more they show off their happiness, the harder the slap will be for Su Qianci when we show our video." Tang Mengying looked vicious. "Let's wait and see. This time, she will not get away unharmed."