The 99th Divorce Chapter 238

Chapter 238: Love You
Chapter 238: Love you
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"Dammit. I can't see this anymore"

"Mr. Li is so handsome."

"Su Qianci has such great luck, with a man like this."

Su Qianci's classmates exclaimed, their tones full of envy and admiration.

Li Sicheng's face was as cold as ever. However, it could be told that he was in a good mood judging from his soft look. "Greetings. Thank you for coming to my wife's press conference. I am Li Sicheng." His voice was deep and mellow, very attractive.

Su Qianci saw his face and her heart raced. He was so handsome Su Qianci blushed, looking at the screen. She knew that Li Sicheng had prerecorded this. Judging from the backdrop, it was recorded in America.

" At that time, we will hold a grand wedding. I wish you could attend again. Thank you."

Li Sicheng was not the best speaker. He sounded like he was broadcasting the news. However, Su Qianci was amused and sweetly looked at his face. She was dying of happiness. She thought that Li Sicheng's speech was coming to an end. However, his look became softer as if he was facing Su Qianci in person. He said, "I want to thank my wife for waiting for me to come home."

Wife That did not sound bad at all.

"I'll wait for you," Su Qianci couldn't help answering in a low voice, not noticing she was in front of a microphone. Her voice became loud and clear.

On the screen, Li Sicheng paused and said, "Love you."

Everyone gasped.

Li Sicheng said something so mushy? All the single people present wanted to kill themselves.

"The world is crazy." Ou Ming almost swallowed the glass in his hand. "Has he lost his mind?"

"I had the same reaction when I first saw it." The young man was sitting opposite Ou Ming. Because of the event, he was dressed formally for once.

Gazing at the laptop in front of him, the young man tapped the keyboard and let out a sigh. "He left such a mess for me to clean up. Horrible!"

Ou Ming spoke the truth, "I heard you blackmailed Li Sicheng for a lot of money. And now you're just taking care of something for him. If I were him, I would've killed you."

Luo Zhan chuckled. "Hush! If you don't speak about it, we can continue to be good brothers." Hitting the return key, he nodded satisfactorily. "Done! Mission accomplished. Now I have another ten million."

Yu Lili almost choked on her wine. "Ten million?"

Darn, she did not understand the world of these rich people. If Li Sicheng must be absent, he could simply arrange for an assistant to play the video for him. Why did he have to hire someone so expensive just to play the video? Yu Lili could not begin to understand. As people were still talking about the intimacy of the couple, a sweet female voice spoke.

"I shouldn't tell you the truth on a day like this."

Hearing that, everyone was looking for the speaker and then found a slim figure in the back. Holding a microphone, Tang Mengying walked onto the stage under everyone's gaze. Many people had recognized her, because Tang Mengying had been Li Sicheng's secretary for a while. For some reason, she had left the Li Financial Group.

Looking at Su Qianci, Tang Mengying had a brave look on her face as she said slowly, "However, I could not hold it back anymore. Mr. Li is the person that I respect the most and like the most in the world. I could not tolerate the fact that a woman is cheating on him. Today, I will blow her cover."

Everyone gasped.

Blow her cover? Does Su Qianci have something that she's hiding from everyone?