The 99th Divorce Chapter 239

Chapter 239: Blow Her Cover
Chapter 239: Blow Her Cover
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The screen that was showing Li Sicheng's handsome face suddenly became dim. In the venue where the light had been turned off, it felt mysterious. Everyone gazed at the screen, and a scream suddenly sounded through the speakers. Caught off guard, everyone was startled. However, Tang Mengying looked more and more content. Glancing at Su Qianci's scared look, Tang Mengying reached out a finger and turned it down, mouthing: go to hell.

Seeing her confident look, Su Qianci felt sympathy. Eventually, she smiled at Tang Mengying's triumphant look. There was sarcasm and pure hatred in her smile. Su Qianci looked cold. Tang Mengying suddenly felt a chill sent down her spine.

Arrogant girl, I'll see what you would do after seeing the video.

Tang Mengying shifted her gaze from Su Qianci to the big screen. On the big screen, several men pushed a woman into the corner and their leader threw himself at her. The others followed. The unexpected scene made everyone stare their eyes wide.

"Is that Mrs. Li?"

"I had no idea that she was so open."

"No, it does not look like Mrs. Li."

There was a close-up of the woman's face. Delicate features and seductive look, different from Su Qianci's soft and innocent face. It was clearly

"Isn't that the Miss Tang?"

Someone exclaimed. Everyone looked at Tang Mengying. Tang Mengying felt like she had been struck by a lightning bolt, not knowing what to do. The video on the screen was edited under her instruction. She had looked through each detail. If not played back, there was no way anyone could tell that the video was edited. She was certain that with the video, Su Qianci could not clean herself up. However, the video that she was so confident in had a different protagonist. Tang Mengying lost her mind.

"How is that possible"

How is that possible? Shouldn't it be Su Qianci's face? However, each detail on the video was so vivid and perfect, that it really looked like Tang Mengying was doing it.

Su Qianci cast a sharp gaze at Tang Mengying and said coldly into the microphone, "Didn't you say that you are going to blow my cover? Is this what you're trying to show us?"

Tang Mengying became pale as her body temperature dropped. "That is not me!" Tang Mengying shuddered under everyone's gaze. "Su Qianci, Su Qianci wants to set me up. Why did you do that"

Before she finished her sentence, the image changed again. The screen became dark. Judging from the environment, it was in an abandoned warehouse. A woman who had her whole body covered up was standing next to a man on a motorcycle. From the point that they had met, every word was played loud and clear.