The 99th Divorce Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Go Down Together

"What has happened? I heard someone was starting a fight here?" Some people in uniform walked over.

Su Qianci looked around, curled her lips and said, "Yes, officers. Someone is slandering me maliciously."

Slander? In such hot weather, they came all the way here just for such a small matter?

However, when the police officer saw Li Sicheng, their looks suddenly changed. "Mr. Li."

Seeing the police, Liu Anan was dazed and started to panic. "Su Qianci, you know very well whether I was telling the truth. Everything I said was true. You shameless woman. How dare you call the police?"

"All right, tell the police then," Su Qianci said calmly. Her eyes were cold and she looked so fierce that everyone was looking at her. "I did not have extra time for this."

"How dare you call the police! I am related to the Tang family. Brother Li, is my cousin not your best friend? How could you send her cousin to the police?" Liu Anan looked at Li Sicheng as if he was her savior, wishing that he would stop Su Qianci.

After all, Tang Mengying grew up with him! Everyone said that he and Tang Mengying would make the perfect match. They looked great together and grew up together. Both the Tang family and the Liu family thought that Li Sicheng would definitely marry Tang Mengying. Even if they had not become a couple, he must take into account the relationship, right?

However, Liu Anan obviously had underestimated how far Li Sicheng would go. The tall and glamorous figure ignored her words, looked at the wristwatch again and urged Su Qianci. "It is 1 o'clock."

For everything Liu Anan said, there was no response at all. Full of frustration, Liu Anan continued to say, "Brother Li, even if you do not want to give my cousin face, you need to respect the Tang family. I am a cousin to them!"

Su Qianci felt pity. This was what would trigger Li Sicheng.

"You're threatening me?" Li Sicheng looked up, his sharp eyes seizing Liu Anan.

Liu Anan felt frozen by that look, as if someone had poured a bucket of ice over her. "No, I"

"Did Mr. Sun hire you to enjoy the show?" Li Sicheng asked the police, his voice was so cold that it made people shiver. The police officers immediately reacted and arrested Liu Anan.

"What is your relationship to the suspect?" An officer looked at Fu Lengbing.


With such a brainless girlfriend, Fu Lengbing had been thoroughly humiliated. Obviously, Liu Anan had offended more than Su Qianci, but also the man behind Su Qianci. Fu Lengbing could not afford to cross such a man at the risk of his entire family! All he could do was to stay away from such an idiot as Liu Anan.

However, Liu Anan immediately smirked and cried, "He is my boyfriend! He told me everything I just said!"

Staying away from her? No way.

They were bound together and shall go down together.

Fu Lengbing cried, "Liu Anan, do not push it."