The 99th Divorce Chapter 240

Chapter 240: She Killed Su Qiancis First Baby
Chapter 240: She Killed Su Qiancis First Baby
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"The most popular man whore, always posting scandalous photos like these ones. I only paid for some that had not been posted yet and replaced the faces of the women."

"Well done. I couldn't tell it was edited."

"For sure. Where is the stuff you want to add?"

"Here. Remember to add this. At that time, Li Sicheng would not be able to deny it."

"You have to know that I am risking my life to help you. Remember what happened to Coach Jin? If Li Sicheng found out about this, there might be even worse consequences for me."

It was a conversation between a man and a woman. The man's voice was not familiar, but clearly, the woman's voice was Tang Mengying's. Everyone's look changed as they looked at Tang Mengying. She was just talking about blowing Su Qianci's cover, but then she posted her own corrupt lifestyle. Also, judging from the conversation, she was clearly up to something evil Wasn't miss Tang famous for being a demure lady? Wasn't she famous for being kind and pretty? She shouldn't be someone who would do this, right?

However, no matter who had played the video, the last bit was so authentic that it could not be faked.

"It's not me. Who wants to set me up? Who did that?" Tang Mengying exclaimed.

Tang Mengqing saw that things had gone south and quickly called for help. "Mom, come! Sister was bullied by Su Qianci." Tang Mengqing almost sobbed, "She still had the baby of Brother Sicheng."

On the big screen, Tang Mengying and Tang Mengqing suddenly appeared.

From the speakers, a clear voice asked, "Sister, did you see the news?" It was Tang Mengqing.

Li Weiya who was watching in the crowd recognized Tang Mengqing's voice and her heart tremble, worried for her best friend. Please don't say something over the line

Tang Mengying's voice followed, "Yeah. I did not expect that Li Sicheng would be so ruthless this time. It was just face-slapping Su Qianci, and he almost bankrupted Fu Zetian's business."

Tang Mengqing asked hurriedly, "What should we do, sister? If he found out that it was us who sent the photoshopped photos to that old woman, wouldn't it be bad for us?"

Although Li Sicheng had tried to minimize the influence of Su Qianci being beaten by Fu Zetian's wife, a lot of people knew about it. However, they had no idea that it was orchestrated by Tang Mengying.

Song Yifan's face suddenly became dark, his gaze like daggers, flying toward Tang Mengying.

"No worries. There's no way he could find out." Tang Mengying sounded confident and sneered, "I could make her lose her baby without anyone doubting me. If you don't tell anyone about this, who could find out?"

As she said that, everybody who knew about it and gasped. She killed Su Qianci's first baby. How vicious! What kind of hatred must she hold to treat a woman this way!