The 99th Divorce Chapter 241

Chapter 241: He Had Always Known
Chapter 241: He Had Always Known
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The voice from the speaker continued. It was Tang Mengqing being hesitant, "But"

"No but. Be smart. All Su Qianci had was the support of the old Captain. Well, I have the support of Qin Shuhua. When the captain's dead, it would be our time."

When the captain's dead? Was she referring to Li Xun? Standing on the stage, Captain Li had a sharp look on his face. Looking at Tang Mengying, his eyes were full of contempt and disgust. Li Xun had always known that this girl was up to no good. However, he had no idea that she would be so vicious that she wished him dead. How ridiculous! Just because Qin Shuhua liked her, she wanted to marry into the Li family? Even if Li Xun had died, Li Sicheng's wife would not be anyone from the Tang family, not to mention Li Xun was still alive.

Looks of blame, disgust, contempt, disappointment, and shock were cast in the same direction. Feeling the way people looked at her, Tang Mengying stepped back again and again. Her gorgeous face became pale as she stuttered, "it's not me Why did you set me up"

No one felt any sympathy for her.

Tang Mengying and Tang Mengqing's photo was still on the screen as they continued to speak, "so what? If we couldn't get her this time, we will have another chance. Isn't the old Captain throwing her a press conference? We will give her a huge present at that time. I still have more chips on hand. The idiot Su Qianci is not even my match."

"What present?" Tang Mengqing asked curiously.

"You will know by then." Tang Mengying did not answer her.

With a ring tone, Tang Mengying said, "I have a call. Step outside for a minute."

"She is even hiding something from her own sister!" Yu Lili's voice was abrupt in the silence all. However, that sentence was like a stone thrown into the lake, disturbing the quietness. People started to whisper.

"Tang Mengying is so scary"

"Don't they all say that Ms. Tang is gentle and kind? What the hell?"

"How did Mrs. Li offend this Tang girl? She killed her first baby and tried to humiliate her in this location. Had she been successful, Mrs. Li would lose her reputation."

The whispers became louder and louder.

Tang Mengying became more and more pale and her legs became limp. No way. This shouldn't have happened. She had arranged for everything. She had planned every detail. It should have happened according to her thoughts. Why did that happen? Why Tang Mengying did not understand and looked up at Su Qianci. However, Su Qianci was looking at a table.

By that table, Ou Ming and Luo Zhan were sitting together. Luo Zhan? Right, Luo Zhan! Tang Mengying suddenly understood and felt completely frustrated. Luo Zhan was one of Li Sicheng's few close friends, a top hacker in the industry. The only person with the kind of influence and money to hire him would be Li Sicheng. So This show was put on by Li Sicheng?

That meant He had always known