The 99th Divorce Chapter 242

Chapter 242: If You Run We Will Fk Ten Times Tonight
Chapter 242: If You Run, We Will F**K Ten Times Tonight
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The flight from New York to Kingstown landed at 20:48.

Yu Lili eventually understood why Li Sicheng offered Luo Zhan ten million dollars. Ten million! However, it was worth it because Tang Mengying was taught a lesson. Shocked by how far Li Sicheng was willing to go, Yu Lili envied Su Qianci a lot. With a man that loved her so much and a best friend that always protected her, Su Qianci was much luckier than Yu Lili. Yu Lili looked at Ou Ming, feeling bitter. Everyone's fate was unique.

Ou Ming was talking to Luo Zhan. Sensing Yu Lili's glance, he looked back at her. Seeing that Yu Lili was not happy, he approached her and asked, "What is it?"

"Nothing." Lu pursed her lips, deciding not to tell him.

Ou Ming arched an eyebrow, feeling confused. He approached her and planted a kiss on her cheek. "You're mad?"

Yu Lili wiped her face with one hand. "Stop it!"

"You have been through worse." Ou Ming curled his lips. "I can show you later if you have forgotten."

"Get lost!" Yu Lili shot a disdainful look at the man.

Ou Ming narrowed his eyes, put an arm around Yu Lili's waist, forcing her to sit close to him. Putting their chairs together, he made sure that there was no gap between them.

Yu Lili wanted to run, but Ou Ming quickly pushed her down and whispered next to her ear, "If you run away from me now, we will f**k ten times tonight. Do you want to try it out?" His voice sounded evil, with a clear warning tone.

She knew very well that he was not joking, and immediately became obedient. Thinking of something, she asked, "What if I don't run?"

"Then we will f**k once." However, he could not guarantee how long it would take.

Having no idea what he was thinking, Yu Lili stayed still.

Ou Ming was content, making sure she had wine in her glass like a gentleman.

Tang Mengying could no longer stand the humiliation and collapsed on the floor. The floor was carpeted, so it did not hurt her. However, she was even more embarrassed. Tang Mengying wanted to stand up, but she immediately lost her balance.

"My dear daughter!" A voice cried, as a slightly obese middle-aged woman came. After she saw Tang Mengying sitting on the floor, she exclaimed, "My daughter, why are you sitting on the floor? That is not good for the baby you are carrying!"

Those words were like a bomb, making the audience feel shocked.

The baby you are carrying?

Tang Mengying was pregnant?

Mrs. Tang ran to Tang Mengying and helped her up. Taking the microphone that had dropped from Tang Mengying's hand, she shouted, "Qin Shuhua, come out here. We need to talk!" Qin Shuhua was the name of Li Sicheng's mother. "Your second son got my daughter pregnant. Do you think he could ignore her?" Mrs. Tang's voice was extremely loud. Through the speaker, it was almost deafening.

Qin Shuhua was chatting with her relatives and friends. Hearing the noise, she came out, saw Tang Mengying broken down, and took great pity on her. Immediately coming close, she asked, "What happened?"

"The hen that cannot lay in your family is bullying the mother of Li Sicheng's firstborn son!"