The 99th Divorce Chapter 243

Chapter 243: Three Month Old Boy
Chapter 243: Three-Month Old Boy
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Mrs. Tang's voice was deafening, as if she did not know how to spell the word "humble." In front of everyone, she called her daughter the mother of Li Sicheng's firstborn son. However, first of all, a firstborn needed to be a legitimate child. Even if Tang Mengying was carrying Li Sicheng's child, it would at most be a bastard. So where did her idea of "firstborn" come from? Everyone was shocked by how brazen Mrs. Tang was. As they were dazed, they all looked at Su Qianci.

Compared to how beaten Tang Mengying was and how shameless her mother was, Su Qianci still looked very elegant. Standing on the stage, she looked like she was beyond the farce.

"No wonder Captain Li had picked Su Qianci instead of Tang Mengying," someone said in the crowd, and those who wanted to please the Li family immediately agreed, their voices louder and louder.

Tang Mengying llifted her head, grabbing Qin Shuhua with both hands and cried, "Auntie" Her tears immediately fell. "I know that you have always liked me. I know that I have disappointed you. However, the baby is innocent. I'm really pregnant with Brother Sicheng's baby. You have known me since I was a baby girl. Please trust me."

Qin Shuhua had always liked this girl, not just because she was intelligent and capable, but also because she had been kind and gentle in front of Qin Shuhua. Having watched her grow up, Qin Shuhua thought she knew Tang Mengying very well. A girl like Tang Mengying would not lie to her. Hearing Tang Mengying's words, Qin Shuhua put her hands on Tang Mengying's arm, but someone immediately said, "Shuhua, come over here." The voice was of age, but sounded authoritative.

Qin Shuhua glanced at Captain Li, and then Tang Mengying, hesitating. Tang Mengying grabbed her arm tight, kneeling on the floor. "The baby is three months old. He's a boy, auntie"

Su Qianci heard it and felt suffocated. Three-month old. Since she received that call from Australia, it had been about three months, which meant she was impregnated then Judging from Tang Mengying's look, she was telling the truth. And that phone call Su Qianci's heart was wrenched. Staring at Qin Shuhua and Tang Mengying, Su Qianci clenched her fists.

Captain Li clearly noticed how Su Qianci's emotions had changed and put his hands on her shoulders. "That boy would never do that." No one knew Li Sicheng better than he did. The character of the boy resembled himself so much, so there was no way he would do something like this. Captain Li was very sure. Su Qianci nodded and felt better. That's right. He would never do something like this.

"Mengying, get up first. You could talk to Sicheng when he comes back. All right?" Qin Shuhua still felt apologetic toward Tang Mengying. If she had insisted, maybe Li Sicheng would not have married Su Qianci

Tang Mengying cried out loud and said, "If you don't believe me, I won't get up. My baby is really Brother Sicheng's"

"Really?" A cold voice penetrated the crowd from afar. People looked that way and saw a tall figure at the door. The code gaze of the man fell on Tang Mengying sarcastically. "Do you know how to spell 'delusional'?"