The 99th Divorce Chapter 245

Chapter 245: Time To Wake Up Tang Mengying
Chapter 245: Time to Wake up, Tang Mengying
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Li Sicheng's smile disappeared as he said slowly, "When I was eighteen years old, at my birthday party, you pretended to be drunk and slept in my bed, trying to seduce me. I asked the maid to send you back home, without mentioning one word to the world."

It had been eight years since that incident. Tang Mengying became pale, not understanding why Li Sicheng would suddenly bring it up.

"When I was twenty, you pretended to hurt your ankle, asking me to send you home. Using that, you claimed to be my girlfriend to the public, making my mother believe that we were a couple. I did not expose your lies, but only kept my distance from you. Last year, I went on a business trip to Australia. At a party, you asked your guy friend to provoke me, trying to make me fight with him for you. After you failed to do that, you sent someone to stop my car, wanting to get an answer out of me. This year, you drugged me on my wedding night, trying to make me sleep with you. After you failed, you framed my wife, wanting me to doubt her and distance myself from her. On the next day, you specifically came to our room to remind me. I did not pursue it."

The more she listened, the more pale Tang Mengying became. It turned out that he knew everything. How did he find out? She had always been discrete.

"Dammit. That is so shameless!" Yu Lili yelled, and a lot of people agreed with her.

"Mr. Li would not lie. In addition, this woman did not even deny it."

"Isn't she a lady? Isn't she gentle and kind?"

"Well, you can never tell a book by its cover. It seems that everything is true"

Tang Mengying froze, her face the color of ashes.

He shot a brief glance at her coldly and said, "Several months ago, you hired someone to instruct Coach Jin to hurt my wife, leading to the abortion of my firstborn before we even knew its existence."

Tang Mengying almost collapsed, but Mrs. Tang quickly helped her stand straight.

As if he did not notice her emotional breakdown, he continued, "Three months ago, I went on another business trip in Australia with you. You were drunk and tried to make me stay in your room. I was in a hurry to come back to the country, so I left Cheng You to help you get sober. However, you chased her away and invited a stranger to your room."

As he said that, the crowd was in an uproar. Three months ago. And Tang Mengying's baby was also three months old, which meant

"Bullshit!" Tang Mengying was hysterical. "The person was you. It was you! I would not mistake anyone for you. Stop lying to me!"

Li Sicheng curled his lips coldly. "I was on the flight coming back to the country at that time. So how can I possibly have a baby with you?"

"No, no way!" Tang Mengying looked tortured, but her tone was firm. "It was you. Except for you, I would never be with anyone." Tang Mengying pleaded in tears, "Brother Sicheng Could you ask them to go away first and we can talk in private"

There was so much at stake, so Tang Mengying was terrified. What Tang Zhenghao, Tang Mengying's father, cherished the most was the reputation of the family. Since there were so many reporters around, the news must have gotten out. Before everything got out of hand, she had to keep things under control."

However, Li Sicheng did not want to work with her. "You're delusional," Li Sicheng said in a cold tone as he gazed at her. "Time to wake up, Tang Mengying."