The 99th Divorce Chapter 249

Chapter 249: Old Villain
Chapter 249: Old Villain
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"You hit me!" Mrs. Tang looked shocked and screamed, wanting to hit back. However, before she moved, Li Sicheng threw her arm forward. Mrs. Tang was plunged forward, almost falling. As she gained balance again, she looked at Li Sicheng and Su Qianci incredulously. "You should respect your elders, and look at what you did!" Being slapped in the face and thrown off her feet made Mrs. Tang feel completely humiliated. Why did the two youngsters treat her like that?

"Elder?" Su Qianci looked contempt. "An elder who earns respect from the junior generation deserves it, while elders like you are simply old villains."

"Well said!" someone exclaimed in the crowd.

Captain Li also looked proud and remarked, "Well put." With Captain Li's compliment, more and more people nodded.

Mrs. Tang looked pale, gritting her teeth.

"Don't cross the line here!" A girl exclaimed. As people looked back, Tang Mengying was striding angrily. However, she suddenly frowned. Abruptly, her complexion became pale and her forehead was covered with cold sweat. Tang Mengying bent down. "Mom, my belly hurts" When Tang Mengying was sent to the hospital, no one of the Li family went.

Tang Zhenghao saw his wife cursing loudly in the hospital when he arrived. He suddenly bristled and slapped her hard in the face. "You monstrous woman, who told you to make a scene at that event? You should use your brain." Tang Zhenghao was furious. "I regret it so much that I married you. The Tang family's reputation has been completely ruined by you and your daughters."

Hit in the face, Mrs. Tang was first dazed, and then burst into tears hysterically. "Your daughters and wife were humiliated by others. You did not avenge us but hit your wife. You don't have balls, Tang Zhenghao!"

"Shut up!" Looking ghastly, Tang Zhenghao said, "Idiot! Why did you have to pick a fight in public? Do you know what the press is saying now? 'Both girls in the Tang family pregnant before marriage-- is it due to genetics?' What the hell is that? Read it yourself."

Mrs. Tang lost her voice and stopped sobbing.

"Because of that, in three hours, the shares of the company suffered more than what I lost in my last bad investment. You did all this!"

"What should we do now"

"You tell me, is Tang Mengying really pregnant with Li Sicheng's boy?"


Hearing an affirmative answer, Tang Zhenghao looked better. "That's easy then. The most important thing is to keep the baby. That boy Li Sicheng wants to bankrupt my company, but he's too young."

Mrs. Tang was startled. "You mean, Li Sicheng was behind that?"

Tang Zhenghao was disappointed by his wife and gritted his teeth. "The boy has always been competing with us. He never had a good reason to beat us down, but now we are handing our weaknesses over to him."

Mrs. Tang felt even more guilty, unable to speak.

Tang Zhenghao held back his anger and said calmly, "Now, we will work on Qin Shuhua and make sure Li Sicheng take the responsibility. The daughter of Tang Zhenghao could not be tossed away just because he wanted to."