The 99th Divorce Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Sending Her to the Police

"Push it? Who is pushing it? Fu Lengbing, you coward!"

"He did not," Su Qianci said. "You want him to go down with you? Liu Anan you are so f**ked up."

Fu Lengbing was dazed. He did not expect Su Qianci to defend him, and he felt grateful. However, at the same time, he was proud of his own charm.

Su Qianci is still into him!

That's right. He was her first love after all. Secretly pleased, Fu Lengbing looked at Su Qianci differently.

The policeman wrote something down and said, "Come with us anyway to make a statement."

Fu Lengbing nodded. As long as he was not considered a part of this, then it was good.

"Go get the surveillance camera recording as the evidence. And are you willing to be the witness?" Su Qianci asked, and looked to the shop assistant that was talking to her.

"No problem. Absolutely. Rest assured, Mrs. Li. Everyone here could be your witness. This woman was slandering you and inventing stories."

Seeing how things had changed, Liu Anan cried madly, "Su Qianci, how dare you treat me this way! My cousin will not let this go! The Tang family will not let this go!"

"Oh?" Su Qianci said calmly, "Then I will wait and see."

Liu Anan was a nobody. She was sending Liu Anan to the police not only to avenge herself, but also to give Tang Mengying a slap on the face. Liu Anan was Tang Mengying's cousin. And Su Qianci wanted to provoke her to challenge Tang Mengying officially.

Since Liu Anan had crossed Li Sicheng, she was doomed anyway. Very soon, Liu Anan was taken away. The crowd scattered as well. Li Sicheng and Su Qianci walked out of the shopping mall, speechless.

"Wait up, Su Qianci." It was the voice of Fu Lengbing.

Su Qianci turned back and saw Fu Lengbing catching up, running. Seeing her pretty face, Fu Lengbing smiled. "Su Qianci, it has been so long. I can't imagine that you had married."

"I did not expect you to be with Liu Anan either," Su Qianci said sarcastically.

Fu Lengbing looked embarrassed and cut to the chase. "Next month on the eighth, we will have a high school reunion. Please join us. I could not locate you before and now I can invite you."

High school reunion?

Su Qianci remembered. In her previous lifetime, she had gone to the same reunion. The venue was in a six-star hotel, and she was invited by her so-called good friend. After she went, Liu Anan repeatedly targeted her. Because Su Qianci had a short temper, Liu Anan and Tang Mengying set her up and spread the rumor that Su Qianci had gone through plastic surgeries and sold her body for her diploma. She had been completely embarrassed. What was worse was that Li Sicheng had been brought to the same hotel by Tang Mengying, witnessing her embarrassment.