The 99th Divorce Chapter 250

Chapter 250: Gals Before Pals
Chapter 250: Gals Before Pals
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The press conference was soon over. Captain Li, Qin Shuhua, and the relatives all went back home. The guests also scattered. Ou Ming, Yu Lili, Luo Zhan, and Cheng You stayed, sitting down with Li Sicheng and Su Qianci in a private room.

"Cheng You, help Luo Zhan find the Australian hotel that we stayed at and get the footage of the surveillance camera during that time."

"Yes sir!"

"Luo Zhan, help me get the flight information that day."


"Ou Ming."

"Polygraph, right? I got it."

"No, not that." Li Sicheng's eyes were deep as he turned to look at Su Qianci. "I want you to help me prove my innocence. My wife does not seem to believe me. Is that right?"

Su Qianci heard him and felt a bit guilty. Was it true that she did not believe him? She wanted to, but Tang Mengying did not seem like she was lying.

"Geez," Ou Ming exclaimed, "Since when does Li Sicheng care about what other people thinks? You did not ask me to prove your innocence when people guessed that you were either gay or impotent."

Luo Zhan was surprised as well. "That's right, Su Qianci. So many girls pursued Li Sicheng before, but he was always cold to them, scaring them away. Also, he hugged me once and was rumored to be my boyfriend. I, someone who is more than straight, have suffered so much from that rumor!" Luo Zhan looked full of sorrow and anger. His tone and moves resembled Lu Yihan a lot.

Su Qianci chuckled, but was suddenly reminded of Lu Yihan. He was injured to save her. She wondered how he was doing in the hospital

Ou Ming arched an eyebrow and said, "When he was in school, he never had a girlfriend. Since he started his own business, he had been living like a monk. When he took Captain Li's advice and married you, I thought he was But later there was a baby after all. Although it was gone, I finally knew that Li Sicheng was neither gay nor impotent." Then, Ou Ming glanced at Li Sicheng, seeming to say: did I do well?

Su Qianci smiled and nodded.

Li Sicheng eventually let out a sigh of relief, taking Su Qianci's hand. "Let's go home now."

"You're abandoning us after getting what you want? At least treat us to dinner!" Luo Zhan grumbled.

However, Li Sicheng ignored him.

"Gals before pals?" Luo Zhan looked pissed, glancing at Ou Ming.

Ou Ming took Yu Lili's hand and chuckled. "We'll also go back home and sleep."

Luo Zhan said nothing. So unfair to single people. He wanted to protest!

When they were home, Su Qianci immediately blushed. She did not have her period, and there was no one to disturb them. Did that mean So embarrassing

Li Sicheng noticed her unease, approached her and asked in a low voice, "What are you thinking?"

"No Nothing" Su Qianci stuttered. Seeing the teasing smile on his face, she blushed. Pushing him into the restroom, she said, "Have a shower first."

Li Sicheng did not go into the bathroom. Pushing her against the door, he said with a hint of a smile, "And after the shower?"


Su Qianci blushed even more, pushing him harder. "Shower first!"

Li Sicheng chuckled and said seriously, "Yes ma'am."