The 99th Divorce Chapter 253

Chapter 253 Lu Yihans Call

The phone that Su Qianci put on her nightstand rang. Su Qianci reached for her phone, despite her bashfulness. However, a sudden pain that almost ripped her part made her let out a scream and put her hand down. She immediately grabbed his shoulders as tears welled in her eyes. Cringing, Su Qianci wanted to move away and push him off her, whispering, “It hurts”

Li Sicheng held her in place with his legs and sealed her lips with his, stopping her complaint. He deepened his kiss, plunging his tongue into her mouth. Su Qianci felt his rising body temperature against her skin and the pulsation of his shaft deep inside her. Her heart became incredibly tender. It was him, Li Sicheng. She was finally together with him. Last lifetime, she had coveted this man for so many years, but he had never cast so much as an affectionate glanced at her.

However, now

With tears in her eyes, Su Qianci hugged him tightly, unwilling to let go.

Tasting her salty and bitter tears, Li Sicheng looked up and kissed them away, whispering, “Does it still hurt?”


Su Qianci was almost about to burst into tears, because she had never felt this kind of pain before. Last time, she had sex with him under the influence of Tang Mengying’s drug. However, being completely sober, she felt all the pain. Su Qianci looked at Li Sicheng and saw clearly that he was holding back. Gritting his teeth, he had sweat on his forehead. Su Qianci worried about him and felt sweet at the same time. Holding him tighter, she kissed him, telling him her answer silently.

Li Sicheng let out a sigh of relief. Holding her hand, he kissed her back passionately.

Su Qianci’s phone rang again, which was the second time. Very few people knew Su Qianci’s number, so it could only be among those people Su Qianci turned her head away and said while panting, “Give me the phone, will you?”

Li Sicheng was a bit reluctant, but still retrieved her phone.

With a glance, her face immediately dimmed. Lu Yihan!

“Don’t take it.” Li Sicheng rejected the call, placing the phone to the side.

Su Qianci bit her bottom lip, looking at the ringing phone. When the phone rang the third time, Li Sicheng almost smashed it.

“What if he has an emergency?” Su Qianci exclaimed.

Li Sicheng’s face darkened as he took the call and put it on speaker.

“Hi, Qianqian. I heard something happened last night. Are you okay?”

“Yes Ah!”

Su Qianci let out a cry, which Lu Yihan heard clearly