The 99th Divorce Chapter 255

Chapter 255 Spread Your Legs

After what seemed like an eternity, Li Sicheng finally gave up his load when Su Qianci felt all her limbs were limp. It hurt so much. Su Qianci had fainted twice while he was at it. The second time she woke up, she was in the bathtub.

Li Sicheng was washing her body. Su Qianci opened her eyes and immediately saw his gaze, mysterious as always. Noticing that she had woken up, and Li Sicheng suddenly looked himself again, calm and controlled. Seeing her ravished body, he pursed his lips and said quietly, “Sorry, I wasn’t able to control myself.” Having lived for twenty-six years, this was the first time that Li Sicheng had been so intimate with a woman while he was sober. He couldn’t help being a bit too passionate. He had already checked her pussy, which was swollen and red, accusing him of his recklessness.

Feeling guilty, Li Sicheng carefully scooped Su Qianci from the bathtub. Lukewarm water dropped from her body. Su Qianci saw Li Sicheng’s wolfish gaze and immediately blushed. She reached out a hand to cover his eyes. “Don’t look at me.”

Noticing that she was shy, he curled his lips and hugged her. “Can I kiss you then?”


“Can I f**k you?”

With her cheeks burning, Su Qianci shook her head. “No!”

The pain between her legs made it even hard for her to clench. It hurts! Su Qianci looked down and saw the marks he left on her body had turned from red to purple, as if she had been beaten, looking miserable. Su Qianci saw her own body and felt sullen. Pursing her lips, she asked, “Is your zodiac sign monster?”

Li Sicheng smiled wider, looked down, sucked her lips deeply, and let her go after long while. In a low voice, he said, “To you, it is.” Then, he walked out with Su Qianci in his arms. Despite her still wet skin, he placed her on the bed.

Placing his legs between hers, he sealed her lips again, breathing heavily.

Su Qianci was scared, trying to push him away and whispering, “No”

He used his fingers to part her hair and whispered in a guilty tone, “Does it hurt?”

“Yes!” Su Qianci felt so sullen that she almost burst into tears.

Li Sicheng tried not to smile, kissed her again, got up, and retrieved a jar of ointment, commanding, “Spread your legs.”

The simple instruction made Su Qianci blush even more. Instead of spreading her legs, she clenched them.

Seeing that she wanted to run away from him, Li Sicheng grabbed her ankles and pulled her close.

“No!” Su Qianci was about to cry. “It really hurts like a lot!”

Li Sicheng smiled, held her legs down, and said, “What are you thinking? I’m just trying to dress your wound.” He had put her through too much in the morning, so even if she wanted more, he would not dare to give it to her. After all, she was his wife, and they had plenty of time to enjoy themselves

Su Qianci saw what he was holding in his hand and suddenly felt so embarrassed that she was speechless. Letting out a small cry, she buried her face in a pillow. It was all his fault not explaining himself Hearing Li Sicheng’s chuckles, Su Qianci wished she had somewhere to hide.

Putting her legs on his shoulders, Li Sicheng saw her tortured lady part and felt a mix of guilt and lust.

Calm down, Li Sicheng!

Inhaling deeply, Li Sicheng dipped his finger into the jar and gently applied it on her pussy