The 99th Divorce Chapter 259

Chapter 259: I Have Evidence
Chapter 259: I Have Evidence
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"Stranger?" Mrs. Tang screamed, "If it were not for that Su Qianci, my Mengying would have been your wife! She wouldn't have suffered so much."

Li Sicheng narrowed his eyes, gazing at Mrs. Tang and commenting, "So, thick skin is also a hereditary character. I've learned something today."

Both Tang Mengying and Mrs. Tang had changed their expressions. Tang Zhenghao's face darkened as he exclaimed, "Li Sicheng, we come here today to ask for an explanation. Don't change the subject."

"Such a coincidence. I also want an explanation from you." Li Sicheng rolled up the report in his hands and sneered, "Your daughter has committed libel and tried to frame my wife. She also caused the abortion of my child and arranged for my wife being hit in public. Now, she is carrying a random baby and claiming it is mine, trying to ruin the relationship between me and my wife. Shouldn't you give me an explanation for all that?"

He had sought justice already, not only bankrupting Fu Zetian, but also shutting down many businesses that Tang Mengying and the Tang family had invested in, making them regret what they had done. However, since they had come to his family, Li Sicheng was more than happy to claim more debts.

Tang Zhenghao did not expect to be blamed by Li Sicheng. Hearing his accusations, Tang Zhenghao looked at Tang Mengying. Noticing that her father had wavered, Tang Mengying immediately gritted her teeth and cried, "Sicheng, you know very well if it is yours. If it was not you, do you think I would sleep with anyone? If this is not your baby, do you think I would keep it? You know very well that I like you. I even like you enough to do this, Brother Sicheng"

"Then let's do a blood test." Li Sicheng's face darkened, not responding to her words, but looking to his father. "A DNA test would prove your son's innocence." No one would be willing to be accused of something so serious.

Li Xiao knew his son very well. Li Sicheng was not someone who would opt out of his responsibilities. If Li Sicheng said did not do it, that would be the truth.


"How do you explain the polygraph test?" Tang Zhenghao bristled. "A woman is willing to bear your child, but you did not admit it and humiliated her using obscene accusations like that. Li Sicheng, you are an animal."

"Then what do you call someone who begged to be with an animal?"

Tang Zhenghao was rendered speechless by Li Sicheng. Shuddering, it took him a while to say, "You are simply an ass. The facts are right in front of you, and you have the guts to deny them. Do you think my daughter is a pushover?"

Li Sicheng sneered sarcastically as he slowly said, "No worries, I have evidence."

Seeing how confident Li Sicheng was, Tang Mengying felt a bit anxious.Feeling a buzz in her pocket, Tang Mengying took out her phone and saw a text message: "Bad news, Z is Li Sicheng's man. He got the footage of the surveillance camera when you were drunk in Australia." Seeing the text message, Tang Mengying's heart sank as she panicked. However, her child must be his. That was the fact. So, she had no reason to panic.

At this moment, Liu Sao knocked on the door and walked in. "Miss Cheng is here. She said she has brought what the young master needs."

"Let her in!"