The 99th Divorce Chapter 260

Chapter 260: Overseas Footage
Chapter 260: Overseas Footage
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Cheng You quickly came in with a tablet in her hand. "Mr. Li," Cheng You called and then nodded to the people she had met for the first time, feeling slightly nervous. Seeing all kinds of military declarations in the study, Cheng You couldn't help feeling in awe.

"Don't be nervous." Li Sicheng said quietly. "Let me see."

Cheng You was slightly embarrassed and handed the tablet to Li Sicheng. However, her only acquaintance aside from Li Sicheng caught Cheng You's eyes. Tang Mengying was really pregnant. It was showing. Her eyes puffy, Tang Mengying looked at Cheng You, seeming a bit uneasy. Cheng You arched her eyebrows, looking at Tang Mengying with contempt. She knew all the truth. After Li Sicheng was gone that night in Australia, she was asked to leave by Tang Mengying. However, Cheng You eventually did not have the heart to leave a drunk woman alone and returned. When Cheng You went back to the room, the door was already closed. She tried to knock on the door and even listened through the door for a while, only to hear sexual noises.

Because of the soundproof materials used by the hotel, all Cheng You could hear was Tang Mengying calling Brother Sicheng Her first reaction was that maybe Li Sicheng had gone back. Cheng You then called Li Sicheng and found he was already at the airport. On the next day, Cheng You got up early, wanting to wake Tang Mengying up, then saw a blonde Caucasian man walking quickly out of Tang Mengying's room, zipping up his pants. By no means was that man Li Sicheng. And now Tang Mengying was trying to blame Li Sicheng for her pregnancy? It was not like Cheng You did not exist.

Li Sicheng found the footage and folded out the book-stand case of the tablet, facing the screen toward everyone. On the screen, the HD surveillance footage clearly showed three hotel room doors and Li Sicheng's face. Li Sicheng walked to a door, knocked on it, and Tang Mengying opened the door from inside.

Tang Zhenghao saw his own daughter throwing herself at Li Sicheng and felt utterly ashamed. She was dressing so slutty even Tang Zhenghao felt it was inappropriate. It was only natural that Li Sicheng would sleep with her. However, to Tang Zhenghao's surprise, Li Sicheng pushed her away resolutely with his face stern. What was even more humiliating for Tang Zhenghao was that Tang Mengying was crying and begging, clinging to Li Sicheng and rubbing her breasts against him in a vulgar way. As a man, who could remain calm in front of seduction like this? Such a disgrace to the family!

Tang Zhenghao turned around and gave Tang Mengying a stare. Shuddering, Tang Mengying hid herself behind Mrs. Tang. Gazing at the screen coldly, Li Sicheng glanced at Tang Mengying.

Tang Mengying became pale and gritted her teeth. "I I was drunk that day. However, the child is yours."

He could be sure that the man from that night was definitely Li Sicheng! It was impossible the baby was someone else's. Impossible.

Cheng You looked full of contempt.

The woman had to be shown the proof, otherwise she would not give up. However, Cheng You could not show her disdain too obviously in front of the Tang family. The footage showed that Li Sicheng was harassed by Tang Mengying, while Cheng You was dumbfounded. However, Li Sicheng was quickly pulled inside the room. And then, the tablet backed out