The 99th Divorce Chapter 264

Chapter 264: You Think I Believe You?
Chapter 264: You Think I Believe You?
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Su Qianci heard that and felt her heart was stabbed.

However, glancing at the expressions on the Tang couple's faces, Su Qianci had a sarcastic smile on her face and looked at Tang Mengying as if she was looking at a fool. In an equally low voice, Su Qianci asked, "You think I believe you?"

Tang Mengying heard Su Qianci and gritted her teeth. When she was about to say something else, Su Qianci had already walked toward the study.

"The worst scenario is that you didn't even know that you were set up." At the door, Su Qianci heard Li Xiao's voice and stopped walking.

Li Sicheng was still calm, saying, "That's impossible."

"It better be. However, you need to keep this from your wife. Tang Mengying is much more wicked than Su Qianci. If Su Qianci knows about it, it will be a difficult situation to handle."

Li Xiao had never been fond of Tang Mengying, and after what had happened, he was even more convinced that she was up to no good. "Okay," Li Sicheng answered.

Then Su Qianci heard Qin Shuhua say, "The polygraph test is completely clear, so we can only wait to do a DNA test."

Su Qianci took back her hand on the doorknob and clenched it into a fist. The polygraph test was completely clear, which meant Tang Mengying's baby was really Li Sicheng's.

"Don't tell her about what happened today," said Li Sicheng. "I'm afraid she will get the wrong idea."

Standing in front of the door, Su Qianci felt her heart was stabbed. What did he mean by saying he was afraid that she would get the wrong idea? Was he afraid that she was going to make a scene? She would not. She had spent her last lifetime experiencing things like this, and this was just another round

When Li Sicheng walked out of the study, he heard Liu Sao calling Su Qianci. However, he looked around and she was nowhere to be found. Liu Sao walked out with a plate of fruits, feeling surprised. "Where is Su Qianci?"

"She was here?" Li Sicheng asked.

"She was just here. I saw her going to the study. Didn't you see her?"

Li Sicheng felt an ominous presentiment, walked out, and drove himself home.

Su Qianci had already come home, helping Nanny Rong preparing food. Seeing he was back, she smiled and called, "You're back. Wash your hands and come to dinner." She did not look any different.

Li Sicheng walked up with a complex look in his eyes, asking, "You went to the old house?"

Su Qianci's smile froze for a second before she nodded. "Yes. I saw you were busy, so I came back myself. Did Liu Sao tell you I was there?"

Li Sicheng nodded.

"Let's eat." Su Qianci put the dish down but suddenly felt that Li Sicheng had hugged her from behind, placing his head on her shoulder. Su Qianci froze as her heart trembled in a desperate way.

Noticing her unease, Li Sicheng thought she was just being shy and nervous. With a relaxed smile, he whispered, "What should I do? I miss you so much after spending only an afternoon away from you."

Liar, liar!

Su Qianci cannot stop her tears from falling. Taking his hands away, she quickly wiped her face and said hurriedly, "I'll go get other dishes." She walked away so fast that Li Sicheng did not notice any difference.